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Matthew S. T. Mendelsohn, ’07 B.S

Chief Investment Officer

As Yale University’s chief investment officer, Matthew S. T. Mendelsohn is responsible for leading the Yale Investments Office, the team that manages the university’s endowment.

Matthew S. T. Mendelsohn

The endowment supplies roughly one-third of the university’s operating budget each year.

Prior to his appointment as chief investment officer, Mr. Mendelsohn managed Yale’s venture capital portfolio and contributed to the management of most of the asset classes in which Yale invests, focusing on leveraged buyouts and natural resources. He has extensive experience with asset allocation, risk and liquidity management, and sourcing and developing relationships with the University’s investment partners.

Under Mr. Mendelsohn’s management, Yale’s venture capital portfolio grew to comprise more than 25% of the endowment. During the 10 years prior to his appointment as chief investment officer, Yale’s venture capital portfolio returned 21.6% per annum, well in excess of the S&P 500 and relevant private equity benchmarks.

Mr. Mendelsohn joined the Investments Office in 2007 upon graduating cum laude from Yale College, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in physics. He became a CFA® charterholder in 2011 and taught endowment management at the Yale School of Management from 2013 to 2018. Mr. Mendelsohn was named a director of the Investments Office in 2015 and chief investment officer in 2021.

A fellow of Yale’s Berkeley College, Mr. Mendelsohn lives in the New Haven area with his wife, Dr. Lauren Martini (’13 Ph.D.), and their two children.