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Yale WOrklife Program Women Faculty Forum
The Yale Babysitting Service is made possible through the joint efforts of the Women Faculty Forum and Yale WorkLife Program

"New service offers sitters after University's care hours"
-- Yale Daily News

"Yale babysitting service experiences first successes"
-- Yale Herald

Welcome to the
Yale Babysitting Service
The Yale Babysitting Service helps address the need for additional child care options within the Yale University community. This service establishes a link between Yale faculty, staff and students to access babysitting services provided by Yale students. This service can only be used by current Yale faculty, staff and students.

The artwork entitled Bedtime Story ©2004 was created by Susan Banta, a well-known and highly respected children's book illustrator, represented by Bookmakers Ltd.
Additional work by Ms. Banta may be viewed on the Bookmakers Ltd. website, No artwork may be reproduced without written permission of Bookmakers Ltd.

The Yale University Babysitting Service ("the Service") acts only as a clearinghouse for the convenience of babysitters and clients. Neither Yale University nor the Yale University Babysitting Service screens babysitters; Yale University and the Service only guarantee that the babysitters are currently registered Yale students. Babysitters are employed solely by the clients and are not employees of Yale University or the Service. Yale University and the Service make no representations to the client as to the qualifications of the babysitters. Yale University and the Service make no representations to the babysitters as to the nature of the clients other than that the clients are current Yale faculty, staff or students. In addition, Yale University and the Service make no representations to babysitters or clients concerning the nature of the services provided. The clients and babysitters acknowledge that Yale University is not responsible for, and will be held harmless against, any injury, loss, or other damage arising from or related in any manner to the clients' and babysitters' use of the Yale University Babysitting Service.

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