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Request a Meeting

Trustees are on campus at least five times a year. When they are here, they welcome the opportunity to meet with members of the Yale community. If you would like to request a meeting with a trustee, please indicate below the details of your request.

Please note, requests for funding or authorization for specific programs or activities are best addressed through the appropriate university administrative processes. Although the trustees approve the overall university budget, they are not responsible for the detailed allocation of resources.

Trustees are particularly interested in meeting with groups of faculty, students, and staff with whom they do not already have regularly scheduled contact or on issues that do not have well-defined methods of communication. As examples, trustees meet regularly with members of student government; issues such as ethical investing are handled through the Advisory Committee on Investor Responsibility.

Send a Message to the Trustees

Please use the form below to send a message to the trustees. All messages will be read by the senior trustee and will be made available to all trustees and the president. Due to the high volume of mail, it may not be possible to respond directly to each message. Please know that your comments matter and the trustees appreciate you taking the time to share them.

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