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Lei Zhang, B.A., ’02 M.A., ’02 M.B.A.


Lei Zhang is the founder and CEO of Hillhouse Capital Management, an investment platform that partners with visionary entrepreneurs to build businesses and position them for long-term success.

Lei Zhang

Since its founding in 2005, Hillhouse has worked with companies in the technology, healthcare, consumer, and business services sectors. In addition to leading Hillhouse, Mr. Zhang is deeply involved in educational endeavors. He earned his M.B.A and M.A. in international relations from Yale and serves as co-chair of the Yale Asia Development Council. Mr. Zhang received his B.A. in economics from China’s Renmin University, of which he is vice chairman of the board of trustees, and where he has made gifts to help establish the Hillhouse Academy and the Artificial Intelligence Institute. He is a founding trustee and chairman of the Development Council of Westlake University, China’s first graduate-level university dedicated to advancing research in the basic sciences, and was a founding donor of the Westlake University Endowment. Mr. Zhang was appointed a successor trustee in 2016.

Resides in Hong Kong