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The board of trustees has the following twelve standing committees whose responsibilities are outlined in the by-laws. These committees meet from one to five times per year, often in conjunction with meetings of the full board.

The board periodically has special committees. For example, approximately every five years there is a committee to coordinate the Institutional Assessment.

Committee Membership 2017–2018

Audit Committee

Gina Raimondo (chair), Jeffrey Bewkes, John Rice

Buildings & Grounds Committee

Charles Goodyear (chair), Maureen Chiquet, Catharine Bond Hill, Eve Hart Rice, Kevin Ryan

Compensation Committee

Donna Dubinsky (chair), Jeffrey Bewkes, Paul Joskow, Douglas Warner

Development & Alumni Affairs Committee

Charles Goodyear (chair), Joshua Bekenstein, Maureen Chiquet, Donna Dubinsky, Kevin Ryan

Educational Policy Committee

Catharine Bond Hill (chair), Jeffrey Bewkes, Gina Raimondo, Eve Hart Rice, Annette Thomas, Lei Zhang

Finance Committee

Jeffrey Bewkes (chair), Joshua Bekenstein, Donna Dubinsky, Charles Goodyear, Catharine Bond Hill, Paul Joskow, William Kennard, Gina Raimondo, John Rice, Douglas Warner, Lei Zhang

Honorary Degrees Committee

Maureen Chiquet (chair), Eve Hart Rice, Kevin Ryan, Annette Thomas, Lei Zhang

Institutional Policies Committee

Paul Joskow (chair), William Kennard, John Rice, Kathleen Walsh, Douglas Warner

Investments Committee

Douglas Warner (chair), Charles Goodyear, Paul Joskow, Kevin Ryan

Investor Responsibility Committee

Catharine Bond Hill (chair), Jeffrey Bewkes, Kathleen Walsh

School of Medicine Committee

Joshua Bekenstein (chair), Donna Dubinsky, Paul Joskow, William Kennard, Annette Thomas, Kathleen Walsh, Douglas Warner, Lei Zhang

Trusteeship Committee

Donna Dubinsky (chair), Joshua Bekenstein, Jeffrey Bewkes, Maureen Chiquet, Catharine Bond Hill, Paul Joskow, John Rice, Douglas Warner