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Researcher: Alan E. Kazdin

Lab: Yale Parenting Center

Description.  For students interested in clinical research and practicum experience with children and families, several opportunities are available this term at the Yale Parenting Center (  The clinic (on campus at 314 Prospect Avenue) is an outpatient treatment service for children who are referred for oppositional, aggressive, and antisocial behavior.  Students will work at the clinic, learn child assessments, follow cases to see the treatment approaches used for children and parents, and participate in research activities (e.g., assessment, data collection).  Some direct contact will also be made with children (ages 2-14) who are referred for treatment.  This is an excellent experience for students interested in clinical psychology, children and families, and clinical work and research.

Course Credit.  Course credit is provided for the experience (although some students wish to volunteer without credit).  The course is Psychology 490b (491, 492, or 493—all directed readings/independent study).  To registrar, students must obtain approval from the Instructor (A. Kazdin) and complete a tutorial form for the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Requirements.  Interest in children and clinical child psychology.  A limited number of positions are available.

Class Schedule.  The time is flexible and scheduled individually for each student.  Each student should plan on approximately 8 hours per week at the Clinic.

Additional Information.  This is an excellent opportunity to work on clinical research in clinical psychology.  Students will work with a team of clinical staff, learn about childhood disorders, cognitive and behavioral treatment, and participate in a variety of activities, including informal seminars.  The experience is particularly valuable for students considering graduate school in clinical psychology.  There are no exams although there is a seminar series at the clinic as part of the course.  The course can count toward the senior requirement for 490+ courses within Psychology if the student wishes.  For more information, visit our websites:

For further details to enroll, please email Mrs. Tracie Bush at or call her at 432-9993


It is quite easy for students to participate in a research laboratory at Yale. Many professors and graduate students are eager to take on undergraduates whether it’s to help gain tenure, publish more, or even share their love for research. Click on the researchers below to view advertised research opportunities, or email a professor using the “Professors” tab to find your own!