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2011 Articles

Miren Edelstein, University of California, Berkeley
        Examining Absolute and Relative Pitch as Automatic Processes via Auditory-Visual Stroop Test

Sarah Feingold, University of Minnesota
        Sex Ratio and the Timing of Pubertal Maturation in Girls: A Life History Approach

Tina H. Schweizer, Margarita Krochik, and John T. Jost, New York University
        Resistance and Susceptibility to Persuasion Across the Political Spectrum

Camille Toarmino, Erikson D. Neilan, and Micheal L. Dent, University at Buffalo, State
        University of New York

        Identification of Conspecific Calls by Budgerigars (Melopsittacus undulatus)

Neal Pollock, Bradley M. Okdie, and Rosanna E. Guadagno, University of Alabama
        Gender Differences in Religiosity as a Means of Self-Enhancement: The Impact of Perceived
        Audience Size and Identifiability

Rebecca Johnson, Stanford University
        A Theoretical Framework for Anti-Muslim Prejudice: Framing Tolerance via Moral Malleability
        and Entitativity Perceptions

Jaclyn A. VanSloten and Melanie Henderson, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
        Attachment Orientation and Leadership Style: The Effect of Avoidant Attachment Priming on
        Relational Leadership

Alexandra C. Dowd, Harvard University
        You Can't Always Get What You Want: Nine-Month-Olds Don't Expect Helpers to Consider
        Others' Preferences

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