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2010 Articles (Download full issue)

Caitlin Clements and Katarzyna Chawarska, Yale University
        Beyond Pointing: Development of the "Showing" Gesture in Children with Autism Spectrum

Brian Earp, Brendan Dill, Jennifer L. Harris, Joshua M. Ackerman, and John A. Bargh,
        Yale University
        Incidental Exposure to No-Smoking Signs Primes Craving for Cigarettes: An Ironic Effect of
        Unconscious Semantic Processing?

Rachel E. Fudman, Emory University
        Not Just in the Eye of the Beholder: Beauty as a Status Characteristic in Mixed-Sex Dyads

Emily H. Harris, Yale University
        The Economics of Alcohol Consumption: Exploring the Relationship between Sensitivity to the
        Price of Alcohol and Behavioral Consequences

Eshin Jolly, University of Rochester
        Testing Domain Specificity: Conceptual Knowledge of Living and Non-living Things

Tawny Tsang and Karen B. Schloss, University of California, Berkeley
        Associations between Color and Music are Mediated by Emotion and Influenced by Tempo