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2009 Articles (Download full issue)

Andrea L. Miller, Margarita Krochik, and John T. Jost, New York University
        Political Ideology and Persuasion: Systematic and Heuristic Processing Among Liberals and

Dena N. Harandi and Barbara A. Oudekerk, University of Virginia
        Romantic Relationship Characteristics and Offending among Post-Incarcerated Females

Minh N. Tran and Valerie Purdie-Vaughns, Yale University, Columbia University
        Attentional Asymmetry Between Blacks and Whites for Ingroup and Outgroup Faces

Simina R. Luca and Susan Murtha, York University
        Effects of Cross-Modal Cues on Spatial Attention

Keneisha R. Sinclair, Yale University
        Objectified Body Consciousness, Depression, and Eating Disorders: The Importance of Control

Ilana Yurkiewicz, Yale University
        Overlooked and Under-diagnosed: Distinct Expression of Asperger’s Syndrome in Females

Juliette McClendon Iacovino, Harvard University
        Integration: Serotonergic and Dopaminergic Pathways Implicated in the Development and
        Maintenance of Behaviors in Restricting-type Anorexia Nervosa

Kathy May Tran, Madeleine Broder, Suzannah Luft, Michael L. Schwartz, Karen Müller
Smith, and Flora M. Vaccarino,
Yale University
        Environmental Enrichment Contributes to Neurodevelopmental Recovery After Hypoxia