24th October 2010

The Executive Board meeting of the Yale Political Union held on Sunday 24th October 2010 was called to order at 3:36 pm in the YPU Office, with the President, Mr. Conor Crawford, presiding.

PRESENT (absences indicated in italics):

President, Mr. Conor Crawford (Pres)

Vice President, Mr. Logan Mohs (VP)

Speaker, Mr. Adam Stempel (Speaker)

Director of Campus Relations, Miss Sandy Zhu (DCR)

Director of Development, Mr. Joseph Charlet (DD)

Treasurer, Mr. Yang Li (Treas)

Director of Campus Relations, Miss Sandy Zhu (DCR)

Chair of the Liberal Party, Miss Stephanie Seller (CLP)

Chair of the Party of the Left, Mr. Dominick Lawton (CPL)

Chairman of the Progressive Party, Mr. Jordon Walker (CPP)

Chairman of the Independent Party, Miss Shannon Connors (CIP)

Chairman of the Conservative Party, Mr. Kyle Rusciano(CCP)

Chairman of the Tory Party, Mr. Cyprien Sarteau (CTP)

Chairman of the Party of the Right, Miss Camila YaDeau (CPR)

Floorleader of the Left, Mr. Ryan Pollock(FLL)

Floorleader of the Right, Mr. Nick Geiser (FLR)

Secretary of the YPU, Mr. Cameron Rotblat



Miss Leah Libresco

Mr. Jeremy Weltmer

Stephen Marsh


Miss Liebresco says it is time for midterm evaluations, and that the main goal is to be helpful. She says they will be taking place this weekend…”times via doodle.” She says that chairs and chairmen do not have meetings but are welcome to contact Adcomm. She says she has achieved her midterm goal of learning how to knit.


Pres says to move to a recap of the “ass kicking” of HUS. He congratulates speakers, who were “extremely funny, coherent, and clever.” He says he could not have been happier.


Miss Liebresco asks about reimbursement from HUS.


Pres says it should be in the mail.


Pres says, “the reasons we do this is that we are looking to get contacts from them, they have actors and celebrities.” He also says it is a fun alternative and social experience.


Pres says rooms have been reserved for Tanner and Levi.


Speaker says that Kerry needs to be discussed first.


Pres gives details about Kerry. He says dinner lottery is tonight. He adds that doors open for YPU members at 6:15, open at 6:45 for public. We says that the balcony is unavailable for use because of security concerns.


DCR asks about using the balcony.


Pres says that it cannot be used because of security concerns.


Speaker notes that the Kerry debate will be the fourth to last qualling debate. He says that tomorrow is a great day to buy memberships.


Pres says that Kerry will arrive at 5:45 and dinner starts at 5:30. Kerry will start at 7:00 and will be there until 8:30. He says that Global Zero posters are incorrect. Kerry will be with thus for the vast majority of the evening.


VP moves that the YPU debate “Government should not provide for poor” on November 3rd with Michael Tanner in LC 102 at 7:30pm, free and open to the public, co-sponsored with YHHAP

The motion is seconded and passes without objection.


VP moves that the YPU debate “” with on November 10th with Jennifer Levi in LC 102 at 7:30, co-sponsored by Transweeek at Yale.

The motion is seconded and passes without objection.


Pres says that Rescomm met on Friday to discuss topics for Yglesias and King.


Speaker gives the three resolution ideas for Yglesias. A) Resolved, The US Should Abide By International Law. B) Resolved, The Majority Should Rule In Congress. C) Resolved, Accept Supranational Governance. He says that Yglesias would definitely speak on the second and most likely on all three.


CPP says that the debate being after midterm election, the second resolution seems the best to him.


FLL says that the guest is strongly against the filibuster, and that the debate would allow the Union to touch on how congress works.


VP says he thinks the filibuster is only interesting for a half hour. He is fine with either of the others.


Speaker says that international law is interesting. He thinks that A is easier to debate than C. He says Yglesias likes internationalism. He adds that Yglesiasis adamantly against the filibuster he could give a good speech on it. He says that it is relevant without being overdone and also splits the left and right.


CTP asks whether Yglesias be against the filibuster when Republicans take over congress.


Speaker says that Yglesias says he is against the filibuster no matter the party in control.


CPL says that he prefers international law, because it more approachable. He believes that majority rule would get into tedious party complaints.


CPR says that her party would be most interested in speaking on the first.


CIP agrees with CPR, she says that she does not like the structure of “accept” in the third resolutions.


FLL says that we have not had a foreign policy debate this year.


CPL says he fears that we will have a bit of overlap with the Freshman Prize debate


Pres asks for a split

International law- everyone

Supranational governance- no one


CPP says his preference is the second, because more topical debates are better, and he says that given the timing of the debate, B will be more engaging and people will have deeper knowledge. He says that international law is not big in current public discourse


CIP says that it would be nice to have a foreign policy debate before the end of the semester.


Speaker says it seems to him that Eboard is leaning toward international law, but he wants to make sure there are enough good speeches, particularly from the right.


Pres asks for a split

Majority rule -1

International- rest of room


Pres says he now wants to discuss Congressman Steven King.


Speaker says that “King is nuts,” we decided to go with immigration because it has been in the news and he has strong opinions on the topic. He hands out a sheet with four possible topics. A) Resolved, Illegal Immigrants Are Ruining America. B) Resolved, End Birthright Citizenship. C) Resolved, Make English The Official Language. D) Prohibit Illegal Immigrants From Using Government Service.



CLP says that “C is far and away the best,” because A and D make her nervous.


FLR says that she disagrees with CLP, as he likes A. He says he does not fear negative publicity.


All hands raise and FLR stops talking.


CPR is concerned that people would be against speaking on A. She says D gets at the same questions, without being so contentious.


CPL says that he is decidedly against A, because he does not want to see posters with the topic on it around campus.. He says “it is not a policy position; it is something racist old men shout.” He says that D is an actual policy issue. He says that “D is far and away the best.”


Miss Liebresco says she is concerned whether the Union has a grasp about what services illegal immigrants actually receive.


CCP says that he thinks C is the best, as it gets at the issue of integration and immigration, and that most of the speeches could address points A and D. He says it is a more politically correct way of getting at the issues.


CIP says she sort of likes B, she says that “citizenship should be earned” party debate went well. She says that C and D are okay, but that A seems like a bad idea.


FLR says that one potential issue with B could is that it could be become more of a citizenship debate than an immigration debate. He says that the debate might stray too much. He says the issue with C is that it runs the risk of going into empirical considerations. He says that could become bogged down in logistics. He leans toward D as it gets at the core of what Eboard wants to debate.


Treas says that he prefers C because it brings in the cultural element.


CPL says that D is more interesting than C. He says that D is more interesting than a debate about culture.


CPP says he agrees with CPL, he says that there is not a big issue of ignorance.


CCP says that C will have more energy, be a “bit more violent.” He suggests a rewording to “America should speak English.”


CIP wonders what is at the heart of the issue with C, beyond government documents.


CPR says that in AZ they do not teach English as a second language.


Speaker says that he likes C and D. He likes the wording of D. He has concerns with people being wrong in their speeches on D. He also wants to know that there is a good diversity of arguments for both sides. He says that C might have more room to unfold.


Miss Liebresco wants to know about how many people on the right are against medical care and educating children. She wants to know if there are people on the right who can defend lack of education for illegal immigrants.


Speaker says if there were an affirmative for birthright citizenship it would be a good debate, but he doubts a strong aff.



A-     1

B-     3

C-     7

D-    2


Pres says there is a strong majority for C. He says he is strongly in favor of C.


CPP ask could we reword it to “America should speak English” to make it more incendiary.


CPR says that she does not see many arguments from the right arguments on English.


CTP cites the issue of accommodating an illegal practice and being something bad for our economy.


CCP adds that people in society need a common language with which to communicate. He says that without a single language a country becomes a polarity of societies.


CLP says it brings in more than illegal immigration has she knows lots of immigrants that do not speak English “good…um…well.”


Speaker asks if the right is willing to get up to argue that we should not educate six year olds.


CIP says that she would be fine saying that there is an issue with hospitals on border towns being flooded with immigrants and being shut down.


CPR says that coming from the right, it does not have to include children. Children can be a special class.


CTP says it is also driver licenses; there are more services to argue about.


Speaker says he is fine with either. He prefers C because he feels it is the debate that the right has the best chance of winning in. He feels that we have not had any even splits recently.






CPL suggests that Eboard see which one King would like more.


Miss Liebresco says “if we choose D, there will be lots of points of information.”


Pres says, “you could say the same thing about the Karl Rove debate; he just ran over the statistics.


Pres says we should submit both to the guest.


Pres says that it looks like Rescomm is done for the fall.


Treas thanks “his Excellency.” He says that “long story short we are fine.” He says that maybe Yale Law School did foot part of the bill for Rove as has not gotten invoice. He says that YAF is trying to take care of the rest of the paperwork. He adds that he has submitted a UCF application for the most recent round. He says that dinner subsidies have cost 357.42 and that projecting next 5 dinners…if we went to Morys’s with a $10 subsidy of Kerry, it would cost 180. Holding the others at Prime 16 would be around $100 each for “a total of $950ish. He says he is not against a $10 subsidy tomorrow. He says that “publicity was top heavy” and that if “spending is proportional we should be at around $250.” He says that Dean Meeske has reported an increase in the endowment of $9,000.


Pres congratulates DCR up to this point.


VP says that the $10 dollar subsidy sounds great.


Pres says “we have worked out a lunch menu.” He also says “we have decided to conduct the party petition discussion at Rules Committee.”


VP moves to accept all minutes as amended.

The motion is seconded and passes without objection.


VP moves to adjourn. Seconded, no objections, so ordered.

This meeting of the Executive Committee of the Yale Political Union was adjourned at 4:18 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,

Cameron Ellis Rotblat

Secretary of the Yale Political Union