17th October 2010

The Executive Board meeting of the Yale Political Union held on Sunday 17th October 2010 was called to order at 3:34 pm in the YPU Office, with the President, Mr. Conor Crawford, presiding.

PRESENT (absences indicated in italics):

President, Mr. Conor Crawford (Pres)

Vice President, Mr. Logan Mohs (VP)

Speaker, Mr. Adam Stempel (Speaker)

Director of Campus Relations, Miss Sandy Zhu (DCR)

Director of Development, Mr. Joseph Charlet (DD)

Treasurer, Mr. Yang Li (Treas)

Director of Campus Relations, Miss Sandy Zhu (DCR)

Chair of the Liberal Party, Miss Stephanie Seller (CLP)

Chair of the Party of the Left, Mr. Dominick Lawton (CPL)

Chairman of the Progressive Party, Mr. Jordon Walker (CPP)

Chair of the Independent Party, Miss Shannon Connors (CIP)

Chairman of the Conservative Party, Mr. Kyle Rusciano(CCP)

Chairman of the Tory Party, Mr. Cyprien Sarteau (CTP)

Chairman of the Party of the Right, Miss Camila YaDeau (CPR)

Floorleader of the Left, Mr. Ryan Pollock(FLL)

Floorleader of the Right, Mr. Nick Geiser (FLR)

Secretary of the YPU, Mr. Cameron Rotblat



Miss Leah Libresco

Mr. Gabriel Ellsworth

Mr. Jeremy Weltmer- Proxy-CPR



Pres thanks everyone for coming and says that the Speaker will likely be late.


DD provides a long update on what he has accomplished the past couple weeks. He says the press secretaries and him are learning how to use the radio to broadcast YPU debates. He says that the “some alumni and not just Alex Martone are interested in listening in.” He says that alumni would feel more in touch with the Union if they could listen to the radio broadcast. He says the secretaries and alumni could write for the YPU blog. He talks about the externship program. He says he he contacted CTP alumni, and that he wants suggestions of alumni to contact from other party chairs and chairmen. He says the Alumni Board “has not sprung into action.” He says he wants the members of the alumni board to get to together to pass new bylaws, so that he can “get AYA to help with extern program.” He adds that he is hoping for alumni events to soon occur in NYC and DC.


Pres asks about the possibility of an alumni event on campus this fall.


DD says that it will have to be in the spring, because there would not be enough time to contact alumni and most Mory’s dates are already taken. He says that he does however want to help alumni do something special at tailgate for The Game, such as having a YPU tailgate area.


Pres recommends that DD continue to set the foundations of a spring alumni event to help his successor.


DCR wants to inform about debates. She has been writing press releases for three local newspapers, and YDN. She says she goes on yalestation, blog, and facebook, in addition to making posters. She says that press secretaries are training for the radio in time for John Kerry. She says the press secretaries are helping with the YPU twitter account. She says the ready-set launch system community service program does not seem like it is going to work. She wants to instead “piggyback off the YIRA tutoring program.” She has made a big trifold board with the list of upcoming guests and she plans to sit with it outside of the dinning halls.


Pres says “once we get the situation set-up with radio,” we should book an “over-spill room for John Kerry.”


FLL says “on balance the debate went okay,” and he says the time of year probably explains the lack of a large number of speakers. He says that energy was a bit of an issue during the second half of the debate. He was happy for the River Clegg joke speech, but adds that there was a little bit of miscommunication about timing of joke speech. He wants to do a better job with the timing of “such speeches” in the future.


CLP says the microphone in Sudler Hall was a problem and that some speeches were hard to hear.


VP thinks the banner around the microphone is the problem, he says we should find a different way of hanging banner. He says that mike was at over 90 percent volume, and was simply being held too far away from the speakers.


Pres says it was a good guest speech but a low energy debate. He recognizes that it is midterm season, but he wants chairs to make appeals to people who are interested in speaking, so as to make debates livelier.


Pres introduces a final discussion on HUS debate. He says for YPU to sign-up they must go to the HUS website and click on register. He adds that they need to enter YPU as a promotional code. He says that all freshmen interested in go are welcome to go.


VP says that the debate starts at 7:00pm. He discusses what Metronorth trains would be reasonable to take. He says there is a train that gets into New York at 6:17 and leaves at 3:55, one that gets into NYC at 5:15 and leaves at 3:33, and one that leaves at 4:50 gets in at 6:45. He says the HUS website reports “some 200 people already attending.”


Mr. Weltmer asks about reserved seating at the event.


Pres says there will be spaces for everyone but does not how they will be organized or assigned. He adds, “if registered, you will get seat.”


VP says that at other HUS debates there has been open seating


DCR notes that the online registration deadline is midnight tonight.


Pres says there will be video and photos of the event posted online.


FLL ask if there is “a way to meet somewhere and go together.”


VP says he thinks the train that leaves at 3:52 and get into New York at 5:46 is the best train. He says it is 15-minute walk to the station and he plans on leaving Phelps’s Gate at 3:15.


Pres says “the main group will meet at the station by 3:30, leave to walk over at 3:15, take the 3:52 train and get to NYC by 5:46.”


Pres says speeches will be seven minutes long and there will be eight speakers total. He says that he or Adam will moderate time. He adds that western business attire is the minimal dress requirement. He says HUS has points of information but does not have questions. He says that people can ask questions thorough point of information.


FLL says that the format is like the British Parliament.


Pres says that the speaker can choose whom to respond to, but that answering points does count toward the seven-minute time limit. He explains that the result of the resolution depends on the raising of hands. He adds that the four debaters will be reimbursed the cost of transportation. Pres also says that he had a “gushy talk with Joe.” He explains that HUS might try to get guest to come to Yale in the future. He says anyone has questions about the HUS debate to email him.


Pres says he wants to discuss the Monday Oct 25th debate with John Kerry.


FLR says that Kerry wants to talk about morality and the environment. He says Rescomm has developed 3 resolutions. A) Resolved, Hold developing countries to strict environmental standards. B) Resolved, America should lead the world in environmental policy. C) Resolved, Saving the environment is a moral imperative.


Proxy-CPR says that the second resolution is the best, as it is the only one that the right can speak on. He says that the first one resolves a fact and the third one is poorly written.


CPP says that the first should be changed to “Should be held”


CLP says that second resolution is the best and since Kerry is a Senator we want to hear him talk about America.


CIP says that first could be boring and that in the third the word “saving” is ambiguous.


Speaker arrives, entering the room wearing a Blumenthal sticker.


Speaker, after being updated on the discussion, says he likes the second one. He adds that “it sounds like something Kerry would say and it implies questions about America’s role in the world.” He also feels that the resolution might have the best split.


CTP says he has a problem with “environmental policy,” as he is unsure what the phrase is supposed to mean. He notes, “Saying screw the environment is in fact a policy.” He says he supports the second resolution if it is reworded.


Pres split on resolution:





Pres says, “we will work with the second one.”


Speaker says that changing policy to protection is a possibility. He says that most people will assume “environmental policy” to be a “liberal pro-environment thing.” He says that protection implies “whales and penguins, and defensive actions.”


Speaker says a debate on policy would not be as entertaining as a debate on what America should do.


FLL says that the resolution will draw on Kerry’s foreign relations experience. He adds that the resolution is try to find a hinge between environment and foreign policy.


CTP says, “With such a vague phrase it will be a debate on American leadership.” He says he likes the “environmental protection” phrasing better.


Split on wording:




Proxy-CPR says “policy” allows for broadening in more directions, “more room to grow.”


CTP he says that proxy-CPR’s reason for supporting the wording is very different than speakers reason for it.


Speaker says that the goal for the debate is for Kerry to say something mildly interesting and then have students say more interesting things. He adds that on the docket there will probably not be speech for leading deregulation, but he thinks it could make for an interesting speech at some point in the debate.


CPP says “policy” is better, but adds that he does not see a huge difference.


Pres agrees. He says, “We will go with environmental policy,” but he does not see it being a problem


Speaker moves that the YPU debate “America should lead the world in environmental policy” with John Kerry on Monday the 25th of October at 7:00pm in Sudler Hall, free and open to the public, with first access given to YPU members.


Proxy-CPR asks why the debate is 7:00.


Pres says the goal is to have Kerry there as long as possible.


Speaker says he is concerned Kerry would have to leave at 8:30.


The motion is seconded and passes without objection.


Pres says that YPU and HUS members should be able to get in 15 minutes before the general public.


Speaker asks about the security situation.


Pres says he will look into it.


Speaker says if heavy security presence is require, the Union may want to let people in earlier.


VP says that the Yale PD knows about Kerry’s visit and he has not been contacted by them about security.


Treas asks about whether the Union would have to pay for extra security if it is needed.


VP says that the Union would be responsible for the cost.


Pres says doors will open at 6:15pm for YPU and HUS members and at 6:40pm “for the rest.”


CPR asks about the sign-in books opening earlier.


Speaker says “Yes, at 6:15.”


Treas asks about dinner.


Pres says he “is looking at a 5:30 dinner reservation at Mory’s with the Senator arriving between 6:00 and 6:30.” He says Aaron Brown found it difficult to talk at Prime 16, and he says he would prefer to have a low-priced price dinner at Mory’s from now on.


CLP asks if there is a standing arrangement.


Pres says he is looking at dinner to become a standing arrangement, but is right now focusing on next week.


DCR asks how early is she needed at the debate.


VP says 6:00pm. He also says she will have to male sure the people at dinner get a seat.


Pres says it would be a good idea to contact faculty and administration, “because it will be a good event.” He says he is also expecting YDN coverage.


Treas asks about the lottery for dinner.


Pres says there will be a lottery and the only people guaranteed a spot are Pres, VP, Speaker and the freshman prize winner.


Pres says, “Levi and Tanner have been firmed up,” but both will be on Wednesday.


Pres says he wants to talk about topics for Matt Yglesias and Steve King. He reminds everyone that a blogger and congressmen could talk on anything. He says he wants to hear about ideas for these final debates of semester.


FLR says that Yglesias could talk about foreign policy, such as Israel or Iran.


Speaker says we should choose one to start with.


DCR is if the guests are people “we want for ourselves or should we look for co-sponsorship?”


Pres says we already have a large number of co-sponsorships, but that a Master’s Tea would be nice.


CTP says he would like something on the “Fair Tax.”


Proxy-CPR says that as someone who loves tax policy, he cannot see the YPU debating it, because “it gets wonky and technical.”


Pres asks about topic ideas for Steve King.


Proxy-CPR says “given that he has said inflammatory things, he likes “political leaders must be moral leaders” or “judge politicians for more than what they do,” because people judge him for what he has said.


Speaker says he would rather hear him speak on an explicit topic, such as immigration or abortion.


CLP says stem-cell research is something she likes to yell about.


CPP says that a stem-cell research debate would involve many science illiterate people.


Speaker says to let him know about possible Yglesias topics.


VP updates about spring guest ideas. He says that Zedillo has expressed interest. He says Negroponte and Yoo have also expressed intested. He says that Vilsack and Steele might be possibilities. He says that he would like a debate on US space policy and would like to contact Aldrin and/or Armstrong.


Pres says that he understand chair of Adcomm is looking into two guest debate on atheism.


CPP says he would like a debate on China, maybe about its currency or military.


Speaker says that come January there will be many people newly out of job, who might be interesting.


VP says that both of his senators are very interesting.


VP moves to approve all outstanding minutes as amended.

The motion is seconded and passes without objection.


VP moves that Eboard adjourn.

The motion is seconded and passes without objection.


This meeting of the Executive Committee of the Yale Political Union was adjourned at 4:19 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,

Cameron Ellis Rotblat

Secretary of the Yale Political Union