The Executive Board meeting of the Yale Political Union held on Sunday 5th September 2010 was called to order at 3:32 pm in the YPU Office, with the President, Mr. Conor Crawford, presiding.


PRESENT (absences indicated in italics):


President, Mr. Conor Crawford (Pres)

Vice President, Mr. Logan Mohs (VP)

Director of Campus Relations, Miss Sandy Zhu (DCR)

Director of Development, Mr. Joseph Charlet (DD)

Treasurer, Mr. Yang Li (Treas)

Chair of the Liberal Party, Miss Stephanie Seller (CLP)

Chair of the Party of the Left, Mr. Dominick Lawton (CPL)

Chairman of the Progressive Party, Mr. Jordon Walker (CPP)

Chairman of the Independent Party, Miss Shannon Connors (CIP)

Chairman of the Conservative Party, Mr. Kyle Rusciano(CCP)

Chairman of the Tory Party, Mr. Cyprien Sarteau (CTP)

Chairman of the Party of the Right, Miss Camila YaDeau (CPR)

Speaker, Mr. Adam Stempel (Speaker)

Floorleader of the Left, Mr. Ryan Pollock(FLL)

Floorleader of the Right, Mr. Nick Geiser (FLR)

Secretary of YPU, Mr. Cameron Rotblat




Miss Yemile Bucay, Social Secretary

Miss Leah Libresco

Mr. Gabriel Ellsworth

Mr. Jaymin Patel

Mr. Matthew Gerken

Mr. Jeremy Weltmer


VP starts by sharing the schedule for Karl Rove, which has been “organized by his people.” Karl Rove will arrive at his hotel at 4pm and will have a private reception 5:00pm-6:45pm. He will be back on campus at 7:00pm. There will be a seminar room reserved for a “meet and greet” open to the YPU Eboard and the Yale Law Federalist Society Eboard. VP says, “it will be somewhere in law school.” The debate will start at 7:30pm. Karl Rove will leave the debate at 9:30pm for another engagement. The seminar room is reserved for 6:30pm-8:30 pm. The Law School auditorium is reserved for 6:00pm-10:00pm. VP adds, “as for Security, Rove’s people want more.” VP says he has talked with Yale PD, and that because the Yale Law School did not book security, the YPU is getting $400 back to help with security. VP reports that there will be four officers and a bomb sweep. It will only cost the YPU three officers and half a bomb sweep, “meaning the YPU will get one officer and half a bomb sweep for free.” VP says he is waiting for an email for exact cost. VP estimates that it will cost about $1000 total. VP says that the YPU would need about $600 more. VP says he has put out the request for the two co-sponsoring groups to ask for assistance if they can. The Federalist Society cannot pay because of bylaws of the national office. VP says he has met with the facilities director…”I can’t remember, do we need a table?”


Speaker says that there is a table in the room, but that the VP and him should look at it.


VP explains the likely structure of Karl Rove’s speech. Rove will first argue that the idea that helping the uninsured requires a change in system is flawed. Next, he will argue that “Obamacare” will do the opposite of what was intended. He will says that the bill is “Bernie Madoff-like.” He will end with discussion of his own plan, involving with small incremental change.


Treas asks for a clarification of the money transactions relating to the Karl Rove event.


VP says that $1600 had been paid to the Law School but that building costs were $1200.


Speaker says that that the Karl Rove “meet and greet” will include Eboard and docketed speakers.


VP says that he has emailed Dean Meeske for to ask for university support, because the event will benefit the entire campus. He adds that he does not know whether he will receive a response before the event because of Labor Day.


Pres thanks the VP because Karl Rove’s people originally wanted 6 security guards and were talked down to “four for the price of three.” Negotiations saved over $600.


Treas explains that a cost of $1200 for the event would bring income for the year down to $673.


Pres says that the Union will go through with the event despite the unforeseen added cost.


Speaker adds that the rules of the Union require expenditures over $500 to be approved by Eboard.


Speaker moves to approve expenditure of $600 for security cost at the Karl Rove event.

Motion is seconded and passes without objection


Speaker says that organizational speeches will be as usual. He says that the speeches will be limited to 4 minutes, or else he will embarrass chairpersons. Speeches will be in the normal order, Libs to PoR, “the way it has always been.”


DD thanks Pres for sharing the information on the Hudson Union Society debate. DD says he will discuss Mory’s Day and an extern program. DD syas he had thought that Mory’s Day would be held around opening day. DD reports that it is just as “hard to get in touch with Mory’s as before.” DD says he met with Mory’s in summer and they asked for more time. He will meet with Mory’s tomorrow. He says that he is wondering whether a Mory’s Day is still worth pursuing further from the opening? He says he will give more infomation after the meeting. DD moves onto talking about the extern program. He sees it as a pilot program over spring break involving 10 or so spots with YPU alums. He wants to use a successful pilot to encourage more participation next year. He will talk to people on alumni board and will give periodic updates. DD wants to know who will be hosting positions by Thanksgiving. He wants applications to be available before Winter Break and have everything finalized before Spring Break. DD adds that the Alumni Board is slowly figuring out its problems, but it is still running off of a set of bylaws without elections. He reports that they might soon approve new bylaws. DD reports that there are plans for New York and DC mixers, both around November.


Pres directs DD to keep in touch with updated information as weeks go by.


Miss Bucay reports that the first event will be a Freshman BBQ in September. Because of the Jewish holidays, it seems that the best time for the event would be Friday the 24th or Saturday the 25th. She adds that it would be the week after Freshman Prize Debate meaning that the freshmen would feel part of the Union. She also says that she likes the idea of the BBQ on Friday because not a lot is going on. She says that the event would be on Old Campus and she would need to borrow grills. There will be a “little more advertising than last year.” She says she is also planning coalition mixers in mid-October. She asks if there are preferences for different kinds of events. She says there will be the traditional Competitive Games Night near the end of the semester. She adds that the mixers would likely be October 16th or 23rd.


CLP asks whether chairs are supposed to go to the BBQ. “I have no problem with it, but are we supposed to go?”


Pres says that chairpersons are encouraged. He adds that mid-October sounds great because things would be more settled.


CPR asks why the mixer is not earlier when freshmen are still exploring parties.


CLP says that last year the BBQ was held before the Prize Debate in order to encourage freshmen to talk about their ideas. He says that the event might be less awkward if chairs and Eboard were there to talk about debates.


CPR says that she had talked to the Fire Marshall and it is easy to have BBQs on Old Campus. She adds that in her opinion it would be better to have the BBQ before the prize debate.


Pres asks for a straw poll of those in favor of a September 17th BBQ. A majority is in favor.


Pres reports that SSS 114 is reserved for Commissioner Astrue.


VP moves to debate “Resolved: The Yale Class of 2014 will and should receive Social Security benefits” with Social Security Commissioner Michael Astrue on Monday September 13 at 7:30pm in SSS 114, free and open to the public.

Motion is seconded and passes without objection


Pres says that Speaker will share the results of a “Monster Res-com.”


Speaker says that he has brought just a couple resolutions in order to open up discussion. He says that the three best Freshman Prize Debate resolutions were “America must defend democracy aboard,” “Immigrants should assimilate,” and “Government should insure minimum standard of living.” He adds that other resolutions with support were “Political leaders should be moral leaders” and “National self-determination should be a right.”


CPR says that she is strongly against “immigrants should assimilate.” She adds that when it was last debated most speeches were in the “middle, neither affirmative or negative, and rather convoluted.”


CPL says he supports “America should defend democracy abroad,” as it can interestingly divide the left and right. He says it will get the most interesting divisions and interesting speeches


CIP agrees that the democracy one should be the most accessible. She says that she feels that the debate over minimum standard of living would turn into a debate about setting the minimum level.


CLP says that the “morals debate is just not interesting.”


DD asks whether that the resolution should be “defend democracy” or “expand democracy.” He says that there may be more mediocre speeches on “defend.”


Pres calls for a strawpoll of those who support a debate on “democracy” rather than on other topics. All in favor.


Pres says wording could be “promote, must defend, should spread, or must spread.”


Speaker says he is leaning toward “should” spread because “must spread is two very aggressive terms” and that one is enough.


CIP express concerns about a need to narrow the resolution slightly. She says that “defend implies military, spread is much broader.”


VP says that in his opinion “’should’ should be fine” given so many speeches. VP says that narrowing it make for being bored.


Pres calls for yet another straw poll. He asks for all those in favor of America should spread democracy abroad.” A majority is in favor.


VP reports that the Freshman Prize Debate will be in LC 102.


Speaker says that the best resolution for Vilsack, was “Resolved: save American farms.” Speaker notes that the Secretary of Agricultural will want to talk about agriculture, that the resolution is non-offensive, and can open up discussion of both farm subsidies and farming as a way of life. Speaker says he feels it will allow Vilsack to say what he wants to say and allow for debate afterwards.


DD says that it is catchy but does not mean anything. He asks whether a more specific resolution is need.


Speaker says that ending farm subsidies has no split in the Union and that to have a split the resolution must be broad enough to debate the “idea of farming.” He adds that Res-com could not think of much else. They considered “going down the nutrition direction” with “Resolved: The Government is responsible for children’s nutrition”


CLP asks about changing the word farms to agriculture because it might be good to have the word agriculture in the resolution.


Speaker says, “farm sounds nicer…it is cuter.”


Miss Libresco asks whether the resolution could lead to a “cosmopolitan v. rural debate?”


Speaker answers that it will probably “go that direction post-Vilsack.”


Pres says that “Save American farms” seems to have the most potential for “debate post-docket.”


Pres ask whether anyone believes the resolution will not work.


No comments.


Pres says that Eboard needs to talk about the October 6th Gay Marriage debate. He says that “Gays should not marry” was thought to be the best resolution.


Miss Libresco says that she emailed Maggie Gallager and Evan Wolfson. Evan wrote back that he preferred the resolution be reworded to ‘Gay families should not have the freedom to marry.’


Hisses and laughs.


Miss Libresco notes that she is having technical difficulties finding the exact email. She notes “Yale mail is horrible.”


Pres notes that Evan Wolfson wants to give airtime to his organization.


Miss Libresco says that a far better split will result from a resolution about “should marriage be encouraged” rather than one about “should it be allowed.” She adds that we want to make him think we considered his suggestion.


Speaker notes that he could give the same speech on this topic and that the resolution is better.


Miss Libresco says she can try to push back against the suggestion.


Pres says that guest Mr. Matthew Gerken is attempting to create a new YPU party, the Federalist Party, Matt Gerken. Pres says he will talk about the constitutional process for petitioning for membership. Any group of Union members can seek out new party. He says the group needs 46 signatures, which must be presented to speaker after 3rd speech. The group needs to have 25 members who sign in for at least three speeches. The party also needs to maintain 25 “quals” in fall and spring.


Speaker says that the 46 members must be active members of the Union who have signed in once in the past year.


CLP asks whether the 46 people are signing it because they do not mind a new party or because they want to join.


Speaker says that if YPU members signs, they automatically join the party. He adds that the 46 people can be purchasing membership this year.


CPP asks whether those that sign must wait until the end of the semester before switching back.


Speaker says yes. He adds that after the first semester they are recognized as full party with seat on Eboard.


Mr. Weltmer asks whether they are on probation for spring semester.


Speaker answers yes.


Speaker says that because they are not a part they will not have an Org speech. After all Org speeches, the PoL founder gave a two-sentence speech. The Federalists do not receive a sign-in book.


CTP asks, “when he makes the announcement, is he recognized as a member of union and not a chair?”


Speaker says yes and says that Eboard needs to decide when the speech should be.


CPP suggests that it should be after the speeches of all the chairmen.


Pres says that after Org(inizational) speeches, Mr. Gerken will stand where he is sitting and give a 30 second announcement.


FLR- says that it would be better if the Federalist are excluded from announcements and email until a full member as the fairest solution.


Mr. Gerken says he does not care about titles, but notes that Mr. Ben Stango has been called president of Dems. He says that there “seems to be some grounds there for referring to me as such.” He express confusion as to how and why the decision about being excluded from emails was made. He notes that there has been precedent for including information on non-YPU events of interest for YPU members.


CPL says that the Speaker has said all he knows about the formation of the PoL.


CPR notes that there are 100s of political organizations at Yale and that the YPU cannot include information on all of them.


CTP says it is somewhat a different situation because the organization is seeking to petition the YPU. He adds that the resources of the YPU should not be used to help such support groups.


Pres says that freshmen have been somewhat confused about the Federalists and that he believes that an announcement at the YPU debate seems to be fairest solution


CPR says that she would prefer that it occur before Org speeches, as having it in the middle breaks the trend of official announcements.


CPP notes that in the YPU the left goes before the right and it “would weird to have the Federalists first.”


CTP says that the Federalists are yet part not part of any coalition.


Speaker says tat the minutes of YPU show that the PoL speech occurred after the Org speeches and that the leader was addressed as “president.”


Mr. Weltmer says that Rogers Rules does not deal with this, but the YPU does have rules about this. He says that the order is party announcements, committee announcements, other announcements, and then the president’s speech.


Pres says “this all” should be completed at rules committee.


CPL moves to approve any and all outstanding minutes as amended.

The motion is seconded and passes without objection.


CLP moves to adjourn.

The motion is seconded and passes without objection.


The Executive Board meeting of the Yale Political Union was adjourned at 4:22 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,

Cameron Ellis Rotblat

Secretary of the Yale Political Union