29th August 2010

The Executive Board meeting of the Yale Political Union held on Sunday 29th August 2010 was called to order at 4:04 pm in the YPU Office, with the President, Mr. Conor Crawford, presiding.

PRESENT (absences indicated in italics):

President, Mr. Conor Crawford (Pres)

Vice President, Mr. Logan Mohs (VP)

Speaker, Mr. Adam Stempel (Speaker)

Director of Campus Relations, Miss Sandy Zhu (DCR)

Director of Development, Mr. Joseph Charlet (DD)

Treasurer, Mr. Yang Li (Treas)

Director of Campus Relations, Miss Sandy Zhu (DCR)

Chair of the Liberal Party, Miss Stephanie Seller (CLP)

Chair of the Party of the Left, Mr. Dominick Lawton (CPL)

Chairman of the Progressive Party, Mr. Jordon Walker (CPP)

Chairman of the Independent Party, Miss Shannon Connors (CIP)

Chairman of the Conservative Party, Mr. Kyle Rusciano(CCP)

Chairman of the Tory Party, Mr. Cyprien Sarteau (CTP)

Chairman of the Party of the Right, Miss Camila YaDeau (CPR)

Floorleader of the Left, Mr. Ryan Pollock(FLL)

Floorleader of the Right, Mr. Nick Geiser (FLR)

Secretary of the YPU, Mr. Cameron Rotblat



Miss Yemile Bucay, Social Secretary

Miss Leah Libresco

Mr. Gabriel Ellsworth

Mr. Matthew Gerken


Pres officially congratulates YPU members for a seemingly successful freshman bazaar with “lots of signatures and buzz.” Pres segues into discussion of remaining appointed positions. Pres proposes Yemile Bucay for Social Chair, who did a “bang-up job” on the YPU Ball last term and has an “exciting list of new activities”


CIP moves that Yemle Bucay be confirmed as YPU Social Chair.

The motion is seconded and passes without objection.


Pres proposes Nathaniel Benzimra as YPU Webmaster. Pres states that the position involves maintaining YPU website and blog and that Nate well “versed in techie stuff.”


CPP moves that Nathaniel Benzimra be confirmed as YPU Webmaster.

The motion is seconded and passes without objection.


VP provides an update on upcoming speakers. VP directs chairmen to a “Google doc sent out a couple weeks ago.” Speakers will include among others Karl Rove, Tom Vilsack, Michael Astrue, and a double billing Maggie Gallagher and Evan Wolfson. A resolution is set for resolution for Rove and rooms are reserved for all September debates. VP reports that he is attempting to co-sponsor a debate with YHAAP, perhaps the Secretary of HUD.


Pres says that Secretary Vilsack and John Kerry are both excited to come to the YPU but that the dates not yet solid. November 16th is still an open debate, potential guest include Grover Norquist from Americans for Tax Reform. Pres thanks VP for terrific work on Rove debate and is excited for a “schedule of big names with diversity.” Pres says that Rove debate, the room, and the resolution are ready to be moved.


Miss Libresco asks: “what time doors open and what is the deal with security?”


VP answers: “the room reserved from 7:00 onward.”


Speaker asks: “what is going on with co-sponsorships?”


VP responds that the Yale Federalist Society from the law school is helping to pay for part of the law school. They will possibly have a speaker and likely members in the audience. The Society has been in contact with Rove directly and will be paying for transportation and speaker fees. They will be hosting a private dinner beforehand. VP says he will email Yale Federalist Society about dinner for YPU, will likely be for conservatives only.


Speaker asks about publicity plans.


DCR explains that the YDN can only report on the debate after the fact and that the YPU has no strong connections to someone within the YDN and that DCR is not planning to invite local news.


Speaker says, “local press would be good.”


President directs DCR to “press on YDN that it is a huge event, keep pushing.”


DCR also reports that advertising for event will be through ”Yalestation, Facebook, Posters, and Yard signs.”


VP mentions potential contact in YDN.


Miss Libresco mentions that Fox News was here for Sanford, and that “the reporters email and name should be there somewhere.”


VP moves that on September 7th with Karl Rove the YPU debate “Repeal Obamacare” in Yale Law School Auditorium, free and open to the public.

The motion is seconded and passes without objections.


Pres says that as of now LC102 is reserved for Commissioner Astrue.


VP recommends getting SSS 114, because of potential “Post-Rove Hype”.


CCP proxy says that he has no idea who Mr. Astrue is and thus a large room is probably unnecessary.


Pres explains that Mr. Astrue is the Social Security Commissioner.


Speaker adds that LC 102 is very small, less than 100 seats.


Miss Libresco also adds that last year the YPU did not have enough room in LC 102.


CP proxy reports that he has been thoroughly swayed.


DCR informs that “SS holds 385, Sudler holds 250ish, and LC 102 100ish”


Miss Libresco comments “Astrue is coming because he emailed us stating that he was once president of YPU and want to know if we needed speakers.”


Pres tells board that he is “moving the moving of the Astrue debate until next week.” Pres mentions that the Maggie Gallagher and Evan Wolfson is the first dual debate in “many many years” and expresses his interest in getting resolution “pretty early because of confusion of double debate.”


Speaker adds that Eboard needs to talk about format; in past double debates the YPU did not have student speeches. He adds that the resolution should be straightforward. Speaker thought the best was “Gays should not marry”, other good options include “Ban Gay Marriage” and “Marriage is between man and woman.”


CPP suggest that that the Speaker truncates the time of each student speech.


Speaker expresses his support for "real student speeches" and is considering "Gallagher then Wolfson, then period of questions, Gallagher, Wolfson, students, closings" as to allow for both student speeches and for the guest “going at each other.”


CCP proxy suggests “Gallagher, student, Wolfson, student,” as it would make student speeches important and solid with “no 40 minutes of sitting there.” CCP proxy adds that “Gays should not marry” strikes him as an odd choice, being a “normative statement about marriage that weirdly unfocuses debate, not the issue people are interested in.”


Speaker says he believes that people will think it is gay marriage debate, but the resolution opens it up a bit, which could be a good thing.


CPR reports that Gallagher talks on social and sociology of gay relationships rather than legal issues.


Mr. Ellsworth inquires into the discussion about the affirmative and negative sides of resolution. He says that conservatives enjoy being in negative and would rather make advocates of gay marriage in affirmative.


Speaker says that issue had been considered but it was felt that the current resolution was stronger and more provocative.


CPL wants to keep the debate socially focused and “resolution thus needs to be this.” CPL says that “gays should marry” would lead it a strange debate. CPL asks about time devoted to students.


Speaker says: “Depends, I hope some.”


CIP asks: “do we know what Wolfson wants to speak on?”


Miss Libresco say he has a legalistic focus and that she thinks the resolution plays to both sides.


CCP proxy says: “negative is gays should marry… wait wait wait, never mind.”


Pres adds that “ban gay marriage” would provide a horrible split.


Straw poll is taken on the resolution “gays should not marry.” All but one voting member supports the resolution.


CPP asks whether debate will be co-sponsored.


Miss Libresco says that the debate should not have only LGBT co-op as only co-sponsor. She adds, “if you can find a group that will be anti-gay marriage at a Yale YPU event…”


CLP inquires about a student docket for the debate.


Speaker responds “yeah.”


DCR says that instead of seeking a co-sponsor she will send out email invitations to groups.


Pres offers update on Hudson Union Society debate, tentative scheduled for Oct 19 or 26. In previous years debate was a 4 v. 4 panel debate, in which “we pummeled them and we’d like to do it again. Pres asks about opinions on location of event. He adds that John Kerry will be one of those dates and that several rows of space will be reserved for them. They may also have a speaker. They will have spots for us in New York City


Speaker asks about any New York City debates and “qualling.”


Pres says does not want two events on same week, but New York City debate could not be “qualling” debate. He adds that the event is a good opportunity for the Social Chair.


CPR says it is a very exciting event.


Pres opens discussion of a Griswold Community Grant. He suggest making it a lesser amount and making sure it is a cross party event. He explains that in the past grant was giving to Progs to raise money for YHAPP. Pres wants to discuss possibility of reinstating Griswold Prize.


CPR does not support grant because it was divisive between sides and parties.


CPP wonders who could be possibly be against YHAPP and helping homeless people.


CPR informs CPP that YHAPP lobbies state for funding.


Pres says that others have expressed concerns among about endorsing one kind of activism or lobby and the possibility of it being illegal in some fashion.


CIP expresses concerned that if some parties are so against it, that it would create inequality.


Pres asks for a straw poll of any in parties in support of reinstating the grant.


Hands in room remained lowered, laughs.


Miss Libresco asks about number of applications in past. Also asks about holding the event until spring semester, so $300 does not affect recruit.


Treas offers his report. He says the YPU is looking at loss during thespring of $1395 based on a really rough guesses, but will have a net income for year of $1345.


Speaker says that in the past the grant was instead for statesmen who YPU invited to get award.


CPR adds that only one person applied in past year, from POL and he won.


DCR wonders about a proposal if it did not have money such as establishing library for city students, a database of books.


Treas says the YPU has the money for it overall, but he sees it going to better use for guest expenses.


Pres suggest another straw poll of “those in favor of maybe reinstating the grant.”




Treas says that he has tweaked numbers based of transportation cost based on individuals. He reports that we are looking at good income for fall, because of sitting politicians, but a spring budget loss.


CLP moves to certify the YPU Budget for Fall 2010

The motion is seconded and passes without objections.


Treas inquires as to possible social events and cost estimates.


Social Chair says she will keep in budget.


Pres mentions events such as BBQ, Competitive Games Night, and a Basket Ball Tournament.


Social chair adds that most money will go to Games Night.


Pres says that Freshman Prize debate will likely be third or fourth debate, on early side. He asks for any good ideas for resolutions to be submited to Speaker.


Speaker says he would like to have a “really big Rescom on Tuesday at 1 pm. Rescom is open to anybody, if you think you are good with resolutions, come help out.” He directs chairmen not to feel “too pressured to send someone every week.”


Pres reports that Mory's has reopened. He had a good meal there but service was still a bit slow. In past pre-debate dinners had usually been there, but Mory’s says it will be closed on Tuesday. He has tried to contact them but they have seemed to be rather scatterbrained. Debate dinners will be Prime 16 on Tuesdays. President says he will work to have dinner at Mory’s for Astrue.


VP moves to adjourn. Seconded, no objections, so ordered.


This meeting of the Executive Committee of the Yale Political Union was adjourned at 4:57 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,

Cameron Ellis Rotblat

Secretary of the Yale Political Union