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October 18th, 2007

The YPU blog is a new addition to the Union website. We'll attempt to summarize the debates, blog about relevant news, and write about the side of the YPU that the minutes don't quite capture.

Richard Stallman Debate
Resolved: Digital Restrictions Management Should be Illegal


It's one thing to have a guest address sans coat and tie--quite another to have one barefoot on stage. But this is exactly what Richard Stallman provided on Wednesday. The Union heard rms rage against DRM--see the minutes for the blow-by-blow--and went on to agree with him, to the surprise of many, passing the resolution "Resolved: Digital Restrictions Management should be Illegal." (Not that this would be the first time the Union disagreed with the world at large.) From the YDN:
Amidst hisses and applause, political activist Richard Stallman--standing barefoot behind a podium, sporting a wild beard and playing with his long, shaggy hair--discussed what he terms the "conspiracy" of companies against the consumer Wednesday night.
But before he could even take the stage, Mr. Stallman's way was blocked by a squad of ninjas (Picture 1, Picture 2) reenacting an XKCD webcomic. Needless to say, the ninjas failed in their quest to bring rms' days of free software advocacy to an end, and he took the interruption with good humor and grace.

Next week, we've got Mayor DeStefano speaking on the resolution "Resolved: Provide city services for undocumented immigrants." Perhaps the ninjas will make a second appearance.

Minutes of the Debate
Second Image
XKCD Comic that inspired Ninja Re-enactment