Alumni Board Introduction

It has been over three-quarters of a century since, in December of 1934, the Union first convened to celebrate its foundation and take a vote of confidence in its founding officers.

The Union plans to expand the Board to more effectively reach out to our thousands of alumni. We're looking for recent and not-so-recent alumni from all the Union's parties who have fond memories of their time in the YPU and are interested in helping us build strong ties between current and former members alike. 

Yours faithfully, The Alumni Board Dave Truncellito (Lib '92), President Holland Sullivan (Tory '01), Vice President Cerin Lindgrensavage (Prog/PoL '06), Secretary Jen Rost, (IP '06), Treasurer Victor Ashe (PoR '67) Brian Carney (PoR '97) Boris Feldman (IP '77) Ned Flynn (CP '67) David Greenberg (Lib '90) Bill Leake (PoR '88) Jared Lobdell (PoR '61) Adam Rosen (Lib '01) Rob Teitelman (Lib '81)

Alumni Board Bios

Dave Truncellito, President

Dave Truncellito (CC'92) was Secretary of the Liberal Party. He is currently a writing professor at George Washington University (although he's looking to move from .edu to and join Obama's Department of Education), President of the YPU Alumni Board, Chief Election Officer of his precinct in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC, and a new father!

Holland Sullivan, Vice President

Holland A. Sullivan, Jr. (TD '01) was President of the Yale Political Union during the tumultuous 2000 election year, hosting Ralph Nader, Howard Dean, Steve Forbes, and other notable politicians during that fall term. He currently serves as the YPU Alumni Board's Vice President. Holland lives in his hometown of Dallas, Texas, and works as a financial advisor with his father, a twenty-five year veteran of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management. He is also a licensed Texas attorney and recently has been elected Secretary of the Dallas Association of Young Lawyers, a 2,500-member service group, after being twice elected to serve as a Director on the Association's Board. He is the President of the Yale Club of Dallas (1,500 alumni), founder of the Ivy League Club of Dallas (approximately 10,000 alumni), and a Program Director for E-Mentoring, a Dallas Bar Association/Young Lawyers joint project serving approximately 500 mentors and 1,000 students in Dallas ISD schools. In his virtually non-existent spare time, Holland enjoys reading about national security, learning foreign languages, and frequently traveling to meet fellow Yalies in New York, San Francisco, and Boston.

Cerin Lindrensavage, Secretary
Jen Rost, Treasurer
Keith Wesolowski

Keith R. Wesolowski (CP, '00) held several positions in the Union, including President of the Union during Spring Term 1999. Keith currently practices law in Washington, D.C., focusing on commercial litigation and white-collar criminal investigations. He resides with his wife in Northern Virginia.

Brian Carney
Boris Feldman
Ned Flynn
David Greenberg
Bill Leake
Jared Lobdell

Jared Lobdell, Yale (Saybrook) -59 (Scholar of the House, creative writing) -60 '61 (BA HAL); MBA (1966) and MS (1975) University of Wisconsin Madison, PhD (1986) Carnegie Mellon; Chairman Party of the Right 1956-57, Life Member YPU, VP of the Union (pro tem) Summer 1961; Review Editor, Yale Lit; member Elizabethan Club (Board of Governors 1990-1992); Manuscript Society; editor and author; Contributor to National Review 1966-76; editor, American Enterprise Institute 1972-84 (including Regulation magazine); editor Insight & Outlook (Madison WI) 1961-67; Teaching and then Research Fellow UW-Madison 1966-70; taught at UW-Green Bay, Pace University (Westchester), Suffolk University, Marist College, Muskingum College, Washington & Jefferson College, before receiving Ph.D.; senior editor, Garland Publishing, 1986-88; International Executive Service Corps for USAID 1988-92; taught Northwood University 1992-94 (Divisional Chair! for Accounting/Economics/Statistics); since then locally in Central PA (HACC, Central Penn College, Elizabethtown College, Immaculata University, Millersville University of PA, Eastern University); author/editor seven books and various articles in literary criticism, especially on C S Lewis and J R R Tolkien; six books (and three more in prep) and various articles in American history; an interdisciplinary study This Strange Illness: Alcoholism and Bill W (Aldine 2004); articles in economics and finance (projected collection The Outskirts of Economics); short stories including one collection, The Four Corners of the Tapestry (1999); in prep a study on "Left and Right at Yale in the First Half of the Long Sixties (1954-65)" with L. Jesse Lemisch; editor Culture Alcohol and Society Quarterly (newsletter of Brown University Kirk/CAAS Collections) and non-resident Kirk Fellow at Brown; invited to Sharon Conference that founded YAF (1960)! and to Port Huron Conference that founded SDS (1962), but attended ne ither; Secretary, Special Interest Group on Political Systems Analysis and Law, Society for General Systems Research (now International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis), 1985-87; European Studies Conference and Institute on Western Europe also at that time.

Douglas Ayer

Throughout my undergraduate years (1955-59), I was an active member of the Conservative Party of the YPU. In 1957, I was second vice-president of the Union. [In 1956, I broadened my political focus to include the Yale Young Republicans and served as President of that organization in 1958.] I have a J.D. from Yale Law School (1962) and a Ph.D. in history from Stanford (1983).

During my career, I have been a lawyer, a law professor, a U.S. history teacher, and a development director at independent schools. I am now retired and live in Palo Alto, California.

Adam Rosen

Adam served as President of the Yale Political Union during the Fall 1999 semester. Following graduation from Yale, he worked as a middle school teacher in New York City for two years through Teach For America. During this time, he earned a Master's Degree from the Pace University School of Education. Adam then attended New York University School of Law, where he served as an editor of the Review of Law and Social Change and on the board of OUTLaw. He currently resides in Manhattan, works as a commerical litigator in the New York office of Bryan Cave LLP, and enjoys producing theatre.

Rob Teitelman

Robert B. Teitelman ('81)- Robert Teitelman graduated with a BA in Political Science in 1981. He was in Silliman College, where he is now a fellow. As an undergraduate he was a member of the Liberal Party. He received a JD from the Boston University School of Law in 1984. Teitelman was Speaker of the Yale Political Union in the Fall of 1980 and Secretary in the Spring of 1979. He presently serves as an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Connecticut. Teitelman currently resides in West Hartford, Connecticut.

Paul Selker

Paul Selker (DC '08) led the Party of the Left as its second Chair during its successful bid to join the Political Union, later moving on to the Chairmanship of the Union's Advisory Committee. (All the while singing Renaissance music with the Undergraduate Madrigal Singers and sipping tea at the Elizabethan Club.) Since then, he has moved to Washington, D.C., where he works as a consultant on the new media.

Ray Price

I'm Ray Price (Raymond K. Price), class of 1951; in P.U., was Conservative Party Secretary my sophomore ('48-49) year, conservative party chairman my junior (49-50) year. Later related activities, if interested, included being Editorial Page Editor, New York Herald Tribune (which died in 1966), and head of the writing staff in the Nixon White House. (A close associate of Nixon for 27 years, from 1967 until his death in 1994, including White House staff throughout his presidency and helping with his post-presidential books). Now retired, still writing, only address is my home, 50 East 10th Street, #4B, New York NY 10003, tel 212-473-5973, email I'm a new Board member, was asked a couple of weeks or so ago to join it.