The Yale Philosophy Society is a society of students that participates in discussions of philosophical thought. Topics include, but are not limited to, metaphysical, epistemological, theological, and ethical areas. Students organize, present, and lead weekly meetings. In addition, professors with expertise in a particular area of interest are invited to join in the discussion. The society is currently expanding to new areas, including student publications.

Membership in the Society is open to students currently enrolled in Yale undergraduate and graduate schools who express an interest in philosophy. They are encouraged to attend the weekly discussion meetings and to either lead or participate in discussions. Members do not have to be philosophy majors. They need only have a strong interest and enthusiasm in learning and discussing philosophy.

The Yale Philosophy Society thanks the Yale Philosophy Department for granting us a room for our discussions and for funding. Also, we thank Prof. Michael Della Rocca for his generous support. Thanks also to Pat Slatter for helping us with funding and other organizational details.

Our past lectures have included the following:

"Transhumanism, Technology, and the Future of Humankind"
Professor Nicholas Bostrom

"Literary Critic as anti-Philosopher"
Professor Cyrus Hamlin

"Some Reflections on Equality of Opportunity"
Professor Mathias Risse

"Hume, Kant and the Sea of Illusion"
Peter Thielke, Lecturer on Modern Philosophy

"Time: Change against the Changeless"
Swami Atmavidyananda, Vendanta Society of California

Yale Philosophy Department

If you would like to join the YPS emailing list, or if you are faculty or student who would like to present at a discussion meeting, please e-mail:

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