• Are you new in town? Are you new to the Yale-New Haven Hospital Community? We are looking forward to meeting you. Join us today!
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Yale Medical Partners (YMP) is a Yale-sponsored organization for physicians and families associated with training and research programs at Yale-New Haven Hospital and its affiliates. YMP was established in 1979 to help families with their initial transition to the Greater New Haven area and to provide long-term support throughout training and beyond.

It is our goal to provide support for all members by offering a diverse array of social and recreational activities. Events are scheduled throughout the year and have included pizza parties, hayrides, brunches, wine tasting, and apple picking.

In addition, a number of clubs schedule monthly get-togethers. We also have weekly and monthly playgroups for children. And we support new additions to the family with "Helping Hands" carrying casseroles.

Many people find these reasons enough to join, but we can tell you that the warm friendships developed through the group will be invaluable during the coming years.

We look forward to meeting you. Welcome to Yale and to New Haven!


Welcome to Yale! One of the many benefits that come with your affiliation with Yale is Yale Medical Partners. As your president, I am working hard with your officers to ensure YMP is the best resource that it can be for you and your family. This is not your average social club - YMP is a diverse and dynamic group of exceptional individuals who come together to have fun, support each other and explore the Yale community.

Thanks to our Yale sponsorship, your membership fee goes a very long way! We provide a diverse array of monthly and weekly events that are outlined in our monthly newsletter. Through our online portal,, YMP provides you with easy and immediate access to our community, which includes discussion boards, calendars, news, community resources, a welcome packet for transitioning to the area, and much, much more!

My family moved to Connecticut from New Hampshire. We were at Dartmouth for my husbands residency and when he decided to become an attending at Yale I was a bit nervous about moving to New Haven with my two young daughters and not knowing anyone. A friend who was here for residency suggested I check out YMP. It was great to move to a new city and join an established group of new friends. I attended book club a month after moving here and am really happy with my experience both with YMP and with the New Haven area in general. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or suggestions – I am here for you, and YMP is here for you, so I hope you will join us today.

Congratulations on choosing Yale, and I hope to meet you very soon!

Lindsey Sussman / President

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