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Crucible photo

“In the Crucible of Empire”

October 30–31st on West Campus. The Department of Classics, YISAP, and the Edward J. and Dorothy Clarke Kempf Memorial Fund present a two day conference: “In the Crucible of Empire: Resistance, Revolt, and Revolution in the Greco-Roman World.”

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Multi-lingual photo

“Multi-lingualism and the Transfer of Culture in Antiquity”

December 7–8 at the Greenberg Center. “Multi-lingualism and the Transfer of Culture in Antiquity” will explore new research on the transfer of culture in antiquity with respect to language, image, daily practice, religious ritual, and material culture.

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Ancient Societies Workshop: 
What is Commentary?

Steven Fraade: “Early Rabbinic Midrash as Commentary: Between Philo and Qumran” on November 7th.

This year’s Ancient Societies Workshop series will address the commentary tradition in YISAP’s participating disciplines, covering topics from Japanese poetics to mosaics to Casaubon to the New Testament.