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Barbarians photo

April 10 at the
Whitney Humanities Center

Patrick Geary, Professor of Medieval History, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, presents “Barbarian Migrations, Barbarian Invasions, or Something Completely Different: History and Genetics in the 6th Century and the 21st.”

self and space photo

"Self and Space" Conference,
April 12, 2014

Self and Space: Household Identity and Domestic Cult in the Ancient Mediterranean and Near East is a conference fostering dialogue across disciplinary boundaries and creating a space for interdisciplinary dialogue regarding identity, religion, and materiality at the household level.


The Cambridge Comparative History of Ancient Law Conference

Hosted at Yale Law School, the conference will take place July 25 – 27, 2014. A public lecture, "The Challenges of Ancient Comparative Legal History," by David Ibbetson, University of Cambridge, will be held July 25, from 2–3:30 pm.

David Ibbetson is Regius Professor of Civil Law, University of Cambridge and President of Clare Hall, Cambridge.