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YFSC Learn to Skate Program

Our goals are for skaters to have fun while they learn, and to enjoy the challenge of the sport and the company of other club members.

The U.S. Figure Skating Learn to Skate program is designed to teach the fundamentals of figure skating to those who have not figure skated before. Very young children belong in the Snowplow Sam groups. Skaters from school age through adult begin by joining a Learn to Skate class. Skill levels from beginner to elementary freestyle are supported.

  • Saturday: 9:55am–10:45am
  • Sunday   : 4:00pm–4:50pm
  • We offer fall, winter, and spring terms. All terms are 8 weeks.

Each session includes a 40-minute group lesson followed by 10 minutes of organized activities. During the lessons, skaters are divided into groups depending on their age and skill level. All groups are kept small enough so that each skater receives personal attention from the coach. Lessons focus on learning how to move, stop, turn, skate gracefully, and feel confident on the ice. The organized activities are fun and exercise fundamental skills in varied contexts.

  • Basic Skills classes

    Children and youth progress through the Basic Eights curriculum. Details are contained in the Basic 8's pdf file.

    Safety note: All Basic 1, Basic 2, and Adult 1 skaters must wear helmets.

    Qualifications: Skater must be able to stand on two skates, unaided. Must be at least five years old or have passed Snowplow Sam level 2.

  • Snowplow Sam classes

    This program is based on the special needs of preschoolers. Stories and games are used to teach basic coordination and skills. All Snowplow Sam skaters must wear helmets. See the section on clothing and equipment. Details are contained in the SnowplowSam pdf file.

    Safety note: All Snowplow Sam skaters must wear helmets.

    Qualifications: Skater must be willing and able to stay with the teacher and to follow instructions given orally and by example. Should be at least three years old.

  • Adult classes

    This program is for teenagers and adults who want to begin figure skating. This is an exciting new program for people who look to skating as an enjoyable part of a fit and healthy lifestyle. Details are contained in the AdultCurriculum pdf file.

    Qualifications: Skater must be able to stand on two skates, unaided.

For Advancing Skaters
Saturday 8:45am–9:15am Moves / Dance
Saturday 9:15am–9:45am Performance Prep
Sunday 5:00pm–5:30pm Performance Prep
Sunday 5:30pm–6:00pm Moves / Dance
  • Performance Prep
    Fall: Artistry in Motion
    Winter: Competition Preparation
    Spring: Show Group Number

    These lessons are for skaters with an interest in performing on the ice -- either in competitions or in our year-end show. Each term, the lessons will focus an a different aspect of performance. We will start the year with a program about music, choreography, and the basics of body alignment, movement, and line. In the winter, we will introduce skaters to solo programs routines procedures to be ready for our Third Annual Basic Skills Competition. In the spring, the group will choreograph and prepare a special show number for our Annual Year-End Celebration.

    Qualifications: Skater must have passed Basic level 4.

  • Moves Class/Ice Dance Class

    This course is perfect for skaters looking to transition to more advanced levels of figure skating in a fun, cost-effective way. Instruction will focus on the introduction of a variety of Moves in the Field and Ice Dance patterns to continue the development of their on-ice skills (power, speed, and edge quality) in a fun and exciting group setting. (No spins or jumps will be taught.)

    Qualifications: Skater must have passed Basic level 5 or Adult equivalent.

  • Adult Synchronized Skating. See John Cain if you are interested.

Practice Ice

Our practice sessions are 80 minutes this year. A skater may subscribe to an entire session, or to 30 or 60 minutes. Adult skaters are encouraged to register for the later session on Sunday evening.

Saturday A 8:25am–9:45am
Sunday B 5:00pm–6:20pm
Sunday C 6:30pm–7:50pm

Qualifications: Any club member may subscribe to a practice session. However, skaters below the level of Badge 8 or Adult 4 must be supervised by a coach while on the ice. Some skaters on these sessions are skating fast; less advanced skaters must be able to keep a safe distance from them. The YFSC reserves the right to determine if a skater's abilities are appropriate to the session, regardless of test level.

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