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Coach for the 2014–2015 Season
Maria Wolog Peavy
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Personal Information:
  • Education: BA in Russian Civilization and Master of Education
  • Memberships: PSA, USFS
  • Professional Ratings:
    • CER Category B
  • Achievements in Skating
    • Seventh Figure
    • Two Gold Dances
    • Junior Freestyle
  • Trained under:
    • Freestyle and Figures
      • Marcus Nikkanen
      • Mary Lyn Gelderman
      • Peter Burrows
      • Chris Kales
    • Dance
      • Hugh Seaman
      • Vera Bowen
      • Monte Teidemann
    • Studied 9 years at New Haven Ballet
  • Coaching disciplines and levels
    • Basic Skills
    • Moves in the Field
    • Freestyle
    • Dance
    • Power
  • Years Coaching: 35
  • Student Achievements
    • Basic Skills Badge 8
    • Sixth Figure
    • Senior Moves
    • Senior Freestyle
    • Silver Dance
    • Students competed at New England and Regional competitions.

Contact Information:
  • Cell: 203-494-1785
  • mariawpeavy@gmail.com
  • Adults and Children
  • Sunday
Personal Statement:
My goals are To enable students to learn and understand the importance of all the "connections" in skating -- core strength, artistic effect, softness of knees, precise foot placement and good posture, to achieve better skills over time which result in a pleasant and safe skating experience.

I am a good communicator. I enjoy teaching adults and children equally. I have a positive attitude and am sensitive to each student and his or her goals, fears, and needs. I love skating and teaching and I want to help students technically so they can experience the joy of skating.
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