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Editorial Staff

Diana Feygin, Editor-in-Chief, is a junior Psychology major. She is a recovering libertarian and an aspiring intellectual property attorney. This summer, Diana worked with Defenders of Property Rights in Washington, D.C., flexing her editorial-writing muscles and getting lots of topic ideas for the upcoming season.

Katerina Apostolides, Co-Publisher, is a junior Political Science major. She has a strong interest in journalism and is devoted to the cause of spreading political awareness on campus. Her love for journalism and summerís work with a political science professor is proving to be a huge asset.

Adam Maxwell Jenkins, Co-Publisher, is a junior Philosophy major. Heís also an ex-patriate American currently living in Britain. Focused on political theory and foreign affairs, Maxís wit and humor will be a tremendous asset in making our publication more enjoyable to read and expanding our base of readership.

Jonathan Berry, Managing Editor, is a senior Philosophy major. A native of Los Angeles, Jonathan employs his frontier-side experiences by advocating for space exploration and vigilante justice. When not practicing his impeccable grammar, Jon enjoys practicing for his future as a political talking head.

Matthew Craig, Senior Editor, is a senior History and Political Science double major. His passionate articles provide a great challenge to our liberal readers. His interest in international studies and the law contributes to our goal of making the Free Press more pertinent to contemporary issues.

Karen Burke, Senior Editor, is a junior Ethics, Politics, and Economics major. A classical liberal and relentless optimist, she interned at the Cato Institute last summer and now carries the libertarian torch on the Free Press editorial board. When not practicing Shotokan karate or shooting skeet and trap, she pursues her inexplicable fascination with all things Russian.


William Britt MC '06
William Chou SY '06
Steven Christoforou CC '04
Hanna Chung TD '05
Matthew Craig DC '05
The Dormouse BR '04
Nark Gutierrez DIV '07
Natalie Jin PC '04
Daniel Koffler CC '06
Casey Lee TC '04
Irina Manta LAW '06

Board of Advisors

Charles Bork
Freelance Photographer

David Steinberg
Screenwriter of Slackers

Jonathan Adler
Assistant Professor of Law at Case Western Reserve School of Law, Contributing Editor of National Review Online.

David Ross
Lecturer in Department of English at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Julian Ku
Assistant Professor of Law at Hofstra University School of Law

Neomi Rao
Clerk for the U.S. Supreme Court, Hon. Clarence Thomas

Mark Chenoweth
Attorney in Washington, D.C.

Brian Carney
Editorial Writer for Wall Street Journal International

David Millstone

Robert Kinderman

Eve Tushnet
Freelance Writer

Katherine Mangu-Ward
Editorial Assistant for The Weekly Standard

Emily Grant

Joseph A. P. De Feo, Jr.
Catholic League for Civil and Religious Rights