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Winter 2004
Volume XXIX, Number 4


Animal Instinct
Katerina Apostolides and Lea Oksman Cruelty, Controversy, Cuisine

From the Editor
Breaking Up is Too Easy to Do

The Given Order
Grim Tasks: Counting the Casualties in Iraq...and of the AMA

Letters to the Editor

Web Exlusive! Original Political Cartoons

Recycled Myths
Aron Barnet Bottles, Cans, and the Conventional Wisdom

Division Has Been Called
Akash Shah The South Asian Society's Majority Politics

Fear and Loathing on the Farm
Karen Burke How to Navigate the GM Debate

Paved with Good Intentions
Andrew Olson Saving Forests, Forgetting the People

East-West Revisited
Johnathan Berry Islam is No "Peaceful Religion"

Mysteries of the Mortgage Market
Helen Rittelmeyer Fannie Mae is a Homebuyer's Nightmare

Basic Economics are Not for Rent
Lindsay Bliss Apartment Prices Need No Control

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Hometown Hodown Edition

The Incredible Expanding Dollar
Allen Bristow Monetaristic Medicine for a Sick Fiscal Policy

When I'm Sixty-Four
Kenneth Frieije & Joseph Hernandez The Future of Social Security

One Vote, Two Vote, Red State, Blue State
Jeffrey Weng Evaluating the Electoral College

On the South Asian Tragedy
Democratic Principles Allow a Silver Lining

YFP "Che! The Musical!" Caption Contest Results

Head Banging to the Oldies
Angie Chamberland Slayer as Speed Metal Classic

Graphic Violence

Grinding the Axe
Are We Stingy? No.

Media Watch

Yale Notes

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