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October 2003
Volume XVIII, Number 3



Not a Conservative

Dirk Huang Republicans should have voted for Alan Keyes

From the Editor
Nikki McArthur Union Solidarity or Worker's Rights?

The Given Order
American foreign policy leaves much undone

Uniting NRA and NOW
Casey Lee A conservative speaks out against FCC deregulations   

Renewing the Drug War
Katerina Apostolides But what about Colombia?

Color-Coding Terrorism
Matthew Craig Red light, green light

Compassionate Conservatism
William Britt It's more than just a catch phrase 

Buddy Blair
Adam Maxwell Jenkins British politicians just want to be your friends 

Capital Jealousy
Eric Tung Why U.S. claims to float the yuan are unsound 

Ought Conservatives Conserve
Lia Oksman Bush should go hug a tree 

A Review of the Movie Max
Adam Shpigel Hitler just wanted to be loved 

Grinding the Axe
Media Watch  Yale Notes

An Open Letter to Levin
Unions rage against the Hispanic Machine. Hilarious joblessness of minorities ensues.



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