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Media Watch
Yale Notes

October 2003

Media Watch

In fact, clothes stopped growing on people’s bodies as early as 1878.
“Nakedness at Yale is not a new phenomenon.”
— Steve Abramowitz and William Sullivan, YDN 9/12/03

Circles are for lefties.
“The CP is committed to the notion that the public square should be inhabited by all citizens who are willing to question their beliefs, challenge their peers, and seek out the truth wherever it may be hidden.”
Light & Truth, Fall 2003.

Because you’ll want to share with the other freshmen…
“Before attending the sex talks, students should be sure to recall their sexual history (assuming one has been promiscuous in the past.)”
Light & Truth, Fall 2003.

And he smiled and thanked me, and we learned from each other.
“But I don’t shun them [the scabs]. I treat them as if they were the members of Locals 34 and 35. I did not hesitate last week to ask the guy cleaning my bathroom to take a look at the clogged shower drain.”
— Alissa Stollwerk, YDN 9/5/2003

In the grand tradition of the December 7th parade…
“Someday, September 11th will feel like a holiday […]”
— The News’ View, YDN 9/11/2003

Queens are women too.
“The stigma of pervasive homosexuality also deters some from involving themselves in the [Women’s] Center.”
— Lauren Krywanczyk, The Yale Herald 9/26/03

A Yalie proves her brilliance once again.
“Jacqueline Carter ’07, who won the Saybrook YSAC election uncontested, said she knew she would be on the committee before the votes had been counted.”
— Katherine Stevens, YDN 9/11/2003

“Michelle Weitz ’06 remembers it all [Sept. 11th] being very vague. ‘I was sleeping in kind of late and my dad woke me up to tell me.’”
— Phillip Rucker, YDN 9/11/2003

What a gentleman.
“Matt Fong, BR ’05, who heard about the incident later that night, said he was surprised by the inaction of the students at the party. ‘A gentleman would have kicked his f—ing a—,’ Fong said.”
— Kristen Thompson, The Yale Herald 10/3/03

Filing away the world’s troubles…
“‘As the enormity of what happened [on Sept. 11th] became clear and the fact that we were going into a totally different relationship with the Arab world and the fact that we were probably going to have to change our foreign policy and defense posture [struck them], it caused [Yale College Dean Richard] Brodhead and [Yale President Richard] Levin to organize things,’ Kennedy said.”
— Phillip Rucker, YDN 9/11/2003

Is food really our strongest selling point?
“‘Yale lures you here by saying that you can eat in so many different dining halls but it’s a lie and that’s garbage.’”
-- Christina Chinloy, The Yale Herald 10/3/03

Yale Notes

The president of Choose Life at Yale (CLAY), Sarah Heiman, told YDN reporter Erfun Geula that her group had no intention of “antagonz[ing] abortion rights groups,” seeking only to “raise awareness of anti-abortion positions.” The Reproductive Rights Action League at Yale (RALY) responded in typically shrill fashion, denying their intent to get in “a trivial shouting match with a supposedly-rival group.” I’m sorry, who was shouting? Of course, CLAY has problems of its own: avoiding “moral positioning” makes it pretty darn hard to argue against abortion. (quotes from the Yale Daily News, 9/10/03)

After the disastrous vote last spring, in which graduate students voted against unionizing under GESO, the Graduate Employees and Students Organization lost its credibility. Now, it is trying to bring Yale professors down to its level, with its members whining to the Academic Labor Board that they were victims of harrassment and intimidation. GESO, of course, knows nothing about such tactics. Coffee, anyone?

The city of New Haven recently billed Yale for $101,800, claiming that the university has a responsibility to pay for the overtime hours cops were forced to work during the strike. That’s right, Yale forced its workers into the middle of the street and is responsible for the public threat they created. Yale should not pay this bill-– to do so would admit culpability for the huge media circus that union members wanted to call a strike.

And finally, we can’t resist a jab at that other conservative publication of campus, Light & Truth. (Okay, there are several more of them in the Media Watch section, but who’s counting?) From the Light & Truth Fall 2003 Survival Guide:

“Located a couple of blocks past the courthouse on Elm Street, DelMonico Hatter has been serving Yale students since 1908. The manager and owner of the shop, Mr. Joe DelMonico, has run the Hatter for the past 69 years. He can recall days such as Derby Day, when students would purchase 150 to 200 dozen hard straw hats.” From the Yale Free Press October 2001 issue: “Speaking of absence, Light & Truth extolled the long-time proprietor of DelMonico’s Hatters, Joe Delmonico, spekaing of him in the present tense. Sadly, Joe passed away earlier this year…” That’s right folks, they still haven’t changed it.


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