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Best of Grinding the Axe 2001-2002
Media Watch and Yale Notes
September, 2002

Mine only tells me I’m hungry
“’Listen to the small voice inside you that says, ‘You can do this.’”
— Hillary Clinton, YDN, 5/21/01

When you’ve got nothing to say, scream it
“’All methods of making a point had been exhausted, and for that reason, we had to make it very high-profile.’”
— David Corson-Knowles, YDN, 6/10/01

It’s funny because it’s true
“’I’m usually the first voter in the morning,’ a 96-year-old in a wheelchair told the mayor. ‘Then could you vote two or three times you think?’ the smiling mayor asked.”
— Arielle Levin Bedar, YDN, 9/10/01

That’ll teach those repressed librarians!
“’We thought making out in CCL was a political act.’”
— Maia Ettinger YDN, 11/27/01

Aren’t we all?
“Harrison is like a cross between William Blake and Pablo Neruda in that his vision is so humane, and he is deeply disturbed by injustice.”
— Matthew Nickson, YDN, 12/03/01

The hard life of eating out
“By realizing the inconvenience of purchasing their meals for a day, students come to realize the hardship of not having three meals a day provided for them.”
— Benita Singh, YDN, 4/26/02

Sikhs aren’t Muslims, you bigot
“The myriad hate crimes against Muslim Americans, including the murder of a Sikh gas station attendant….”
— Nancy Levy, YDN 9/26/01

What’s left
“It is true that the Chinese regime does not respect many basic human rights, but human rights alone cannot and should not be the only factor in driving American policy, nor should business interests.”
— Stefano Chao, The Yale Globalist, April 2002

McVeigh and Bin Laden — the real victims
“Predictably, neither McVeigh or Bin Laden match the medical diagnoses prescribed by society— and it is for this reason that McVeigh was executed, and that Bin Laden, if found, must be killed.”
—Benjamin Landy, Journal of Contemporary Culture, Vol. 3, No. 2

You’re even better at mass murder!
“The Chinese cultural crisis is ultimately misled, but it is not unfounded. There is no rational reason to feel inferior to a civilization that gave rise to Auschwitz.”
— William Han, The Yale Globalist, April 2002

Separate but Equal
“’While programs like FOOT and Freshperson Conference are really important, I think that programs like Cultural Connections and OIS are extremely important for students coming from background that has a relatively small representation at Yale.’”
— Raina Lipsitz, YDN, 6/10/01

How do you explain bloody fetuses in the trash?
“How do you explain to [children] the bloody fetuses on the signs up around the building you walk by every day?”
— Eugene Peck, quoted in YDN, 11/29/01

It is beautiful, isn’t it
“The capacity of our ruling classes to appropriate even the most refractory of subversive cultural figures and images for the furtherance of the establishment agenda never ceases to amaze.”
— Tavia Nyong’o, Continua, April 2002

The unexamined life is not worth living
“[Gender Studies] Program urges students to examine their bodies...”
— Rebecca Dana, YDN, 10/23/01

I can see clearly now, the brain is gone
“This section provides a general overview of the state of affairs in Palestine after a year of heightened resistance, supplemented by a more existential account of the effect of the military occupation on Palestine women giving birth, and by a theoretical conception of the overall geo-political framework in play.”
Continua, Vol 1, Issue 1

Failing our mission
“It had been said that since 1968 Yale has trained more union organizers than corporate CEOs.”
— Jacob Remes, YDN 5/1/02

Creative writing
“Wednesday’s front page article incorrectly stated that former Yale professor Johnathan Weinberg was fired from the University, that he accused Yale of discrimination, and that he claimed he was fired for being gay. He was not fired from Yale; he just was not given tenure. He has never accused Yale of discrimination in any legal capacity, and he did not say that he was being fired for being gay. Also the article incorrectly stated that most of Weinbery’s friends at Fieldston School were gay. He said none of them were gay.”
— Correction, YDN 11/29/01

News to me
“The involvement of newspapers in the news has been a new phenomenon that has forever altered the world of journalism.”
— Adam Click, YDN 11/14/01

40 Percent of Yalies can’t be wrong
“More than 40 percent of Yalies have finally agreed on one thing—they care about the environment.”
— Naomi Massave, YDN 11/27/01

…and doggone it, Jesus likes me
“But here I realized that I’m smart enough and old enough to read the Bible for myself and make it my own Christianity.”
— Ryan Alvarez, YDN 11/29/01

And about as useful
“Sure, we both listen to rap, finish each other’s lines from the obscurest and most forgettable songs of the last decade or two; sure we are both chiller than a Icee in the dead of December.”
— Ameer Kim El-Mallawany, Type, Winter 2001

“I love Yale because I am Yale.”
— Jacob Remes, YDN, 4/24/02

The Best of Yale Notes

It has come to the YFP’s attention that after Saybrook renovations, a carving was removed from the cornice of the Athenaeum Room. It was a relief of two boys. One might guess that they were playing leap-frog, until one gathered that they were in the Athenaeum Room and were engaged in a more...Greek pursuit. Someone should inform the LGBT Co-op of this act of discrimination, because chances are they’re not reading this.

On the afternoon of April 25, after announcing that a majority of graduate students had signed union membership cards, GESO and their union cronies held a massive rally. A YDN article stated that the rally “reflected a major change in tone from the often bitter rallies” of the past. YFP contributor Lukas Halim, who participated in a counterprotest, might disagree. He waded into a crowd of rally-goers with a sign that read, “Down With Rev. Lee.” Pro-union goons tore up the placard and squirted ketchup on Mr. Halim. Who brings ketchup to rallies?

This Yale Note paid for by soft money contributions from Enron. But try to prove it.

The Krauszer’s storefront is still unoccupied. High rents do that—and they drive the price of a sub at Gourmet Heaven up to $7. It’s all part of the Broadway Redevelopment project, apparently.

Apparently, Gourmet Heaven is planning to open another store on Whitney, next to Sandra’s and accross from Audubon Square. Woohoo! Now we can get Heritage O’s at two locations in New Haven!

Speaking of Broadway redevelopment, the YFP is now taking bets on when Alexia Crawford will fold. Their jewelry looks like it was fashioned by nursing home residents for distribution at Mardi Gras.


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