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Media Watch
Yale Notes
February 2004

Media Watch

Not all Yale intellectuals are Light & Truth staffers
“The traditional Yale intellectual is a disconnected, bookish, socially-inept human being who gets off on pontificating about political philosophy.”
— Maureen Miller, The Yale Herald, 1/30/04

We should boycott the South
“Jackson said Yale ‘has quite a history being a beneficiary of America’s historic practices of discrimination.’ He said the University educated many members of the Southern aristocracy…"
— Tom Sullivan, YDN, 1/26/04

You can say many things about Clinton, but at least he wasn’t flaccid
“More than the flaccid responses of Democrats and the media, the public’s lackadaisical approach to democracy-–its apathetic non-questioning of non-governmental policies-–seems to have bred the political climate in which our president could so blatantly pierce the boundaries of prudence and good political taste.”
— Dayo Olapade, YDN, 1/28/04

Time for tax cuts
“Giving tends to become a ‘personal timing’ issue… It is the donor’s decision when to make a gift and when the economy is not strong, that will have a negative effect.”
— Charlie Pagnam, The Yale Herald, 1/30/04

Why liberals lose arguments
“...I sat alone in my suitemate’s room and screamed at her television. Yes, that was me yelling, 'Abstinence-only education? Suck it, you hypocrite!'”
—Sarah Goff, The Yale Herald, 1/23/04

“However laid back a person may be, nobody wants to be tacitly told that he doesn’t matter.”
— Helen Vera, YDN, 1/20/04

Liberals on accountability
“All hyperbole aside, rest assured that your own pitiful impropriety and lack of courtesy is not your fault. It is nobody’s fault, the outcome of everybody’s neglect."
— Helen Vera, YDN, 1/20/04

Reach for the stars
“There are plenty of secular ethical codes for an individual to follow--utilitarianism is one example.”
— Jennifer Paton, YDN, 1/26/04

God save the King
“What most worries me is that the way things are going, George W. Bush, DC ’68, will win in November… easily.”
— Richard Ludlow, The Yale Herald, 1/30/04

And reality shouldn’t trump fantasy
“Electability shouldn’t trump policy.”
— Ricky Leiter, YDN, 2/4/04

For the final event of sex week
“Pajama party teaches kids about health”
— Gillian Gillers, YDN, 1/21/04

Depends on whether or not you’re Republican
“I have just sent away for my absentee ballot. Aren’t you proud of me?”
— Katherine Hill, The Yale Herald, 1/30/04

Don’t remind us
“Both The Yale Free Press and Light and Truth [sic] are members of the Collegiate Network.”
— Alexander Barnes Dryer, The Yale Herald, 1/23/04  

Which is why the YFP is pursuing its own space program
“The nation that holds the keys to space can use them to greatly enhance its military capabilites, to enclose its enemies, and to monitor them from above.”
— Patrick McGill, The Yale Herald, 1/23/04  

That doesn’t matter—-we’ll be safely on Mars v“Unilateral domination of space can only cause jealousy in other countries, corruption within the one that controls it, and ultimately, disaster for the whole Earth.” v— Patrick McGill, The Yale Herald, 1/23/04  

Great analogy, hon
“In fact, I would argue that promoting a culture of abstinence with regard to both bicycles and sex is undesireable.”
— Sarah Goff, The Yale Herald, 1/23/04  

Because sex is solely about entertainment
“Bicycle-riding is a valuable part of growing up, and I would hope that we could all agree that riding bicycles is fun. The same goes for mature teenagers who want to have sex.”
— Sarah Goff, The Yale Herald, 1/23/04

Even STDs discriminate
“‘DUH has a history of being non-responsive to the health concerns of gay and lesbian students. Lesbians are told that they’re not having real sex and are not at risk for STDs.’”
—Alyssa Rosenberg, quoted in The Yale Herald, 1/23/04

Yale Notes

On February 4th, 13 Yale-New Haven Hospital workers settled with the Service Employees International Union District 1199 after filing a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board over the union’s membership resignation policy. The NLRB found that union bylaws violated workers’ rights by requiring a formal hearing to be held before a union member was allowed to resign. Just another example of the extreme measures, both legal and illegal, taken by unions in order to impose the will of union leaders upon unwilling workers.

Yale College offers its students a variety of programs of study from which to choose. For example, there is a religious studies program, a history program, an anthropology program, a political science program, and now, coming soon to a New Haven college near you… a Native American studies program? Let’s get this straight. One needs the same amount of time to complete the study of all the major religions in the world as he does to complete the study of one culture? Something about this seems kind of strange. I guess the rest of us just didn’t have the right lobby.

Jesse Jackson called upon Yale to allow minority assets managers to manage at least five percent of Yale’s financial assets. His argument? “[The minority managers] felt that once they get in the door, they can grow,” Jackson said (YDN 1/26). If only that line worked at my interview last week: “Sorry, sir. I know that I’m grossly underqualified and inexperienced, but I feel that if I could just get in the door, I wouldn’t fail. I want you to trust me on this one.”

And finally, it’s Sex Week once again at Yale University-–the week where we are blessed to hear from, as the Sex Week website tells us, the “nations [sic] most widely know [sic] sex therapists, models, porn stars, writers, and executives in the entertainment industry.” Let’s set aside the fact that students who are supposed to be among the brightest in the nation ought to have something better to do with their time than to try to prove how cool they are by talking loudly about sex. Instead, let’s talk about the real issue: given the tendency at Yale towards unattractiveness, do we really want to live through a week in which “sex consumes the life of the campus”?


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