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Commencement 2004
Volume XVIII, Number 7




Lindsay Bliss, Jason Green-Lowe The two-party system

From the Editor
Diana Feygin Seeking what in marriage

For the New Environmentalist
Jonathan Berry Being green isn't cheap

Art as Leadership
Angie Chamberland A new direction in the art world may appease conservative appetites   

UK tuition problem needs a conservative strategy
Adam Maxwell Jenkins British universities have a lot to learn from us Yankees

Spain with Terrorism
Jose Aznar II On Spain's new prime minister

Conservative California: No Longer an Oxymoron?
Eric Tung A native assesses the Governator 

Down but Not Out
Steve Christoforou Why the YPU

Passion and Jews
David M. Wagner The philo-semitic message of Mel Gibson's new movie

Iraqi Prisoner Abuse
Jonathan Lindsey What it means

Message from Cyprus
Katerina Apostolides Problem with the EU

Open Space Race
Maria G. Orochena Private is better

Reproductive Rights
Nikki McArthur Why they're worth protecting

Grinding the Axe
Media Watch  Yale Notes

KerryBot 2K4
The flip-flop gears up for Version 2.0



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