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Commencement 2002

Media Watch

Vandals against terrorism
“Seams were visible where the [Palestinian] flag was sewn up after being sliced in half by vandals.”
— Alex Demille, Yale Herald, 4/26/02

People in cardboard houses shouldn’t throw Molotov cocktails
“Omar Christidis, MC ’04, who has lived in Lebanon all his life feels that it is misleading to discuss the two sides in the conflict as equal partners. ‘There’s no vicious cycle of violence. There’s people with tanks and people without tanks, people living in homes, and people living in rubble. Objectively, there is one party that is far superior militarily.”
— Alex Demille, Yale Herald, 4/26/02

“I love Yale because I am Yale.”
— Jacob Remes, YDN, 4/24/02

Failing our mission
“It has been said that since 1968 Yale has trained more union organizers than corporate CEOs.”
— Jacob Remes, YDN, 4/24/02

“It is time for me to become one of those alumni, perhaps to be the person in 15 years who will be called by some Yale history major wanting to know more about the anti-sweatsop movement.”
— Jacob Remes, YDN, 5/1/02

What a pity
“As everyone might imagine, setting up sound equipment in the rain is simply a great way to get someone killed.”
-Vidhya Prabhakaran, quoted in YDN, 5/1/02

Surprise, surprise
“Board of Aldermen to consider endorsing Lee” — Headline, YDN, 5/1/02

Can’t you forgive?
“Even the most liberal and pro-reform elements in the Chinese leadership must wonder if there are ulterior motives to American criticisms. Thirteen years after Tiananmen, U.S. politicians still bash China about the student massacres.”
— Stefano Chao, The Yale Globalist, April 2002

What’s left?
“It is true that the Chinese regime does not respect many basic human rights, but human rights alone cannot and should not be the only factor driving America’s policy, nor should business interests.”
— Stefano Chao, The Yale Globalist, April 2002

You’re even better at mass murder!
“The Chinese cultural crisis is ultimately misled, but it is not unfounded. There is no rational reason to feel inferior to a civilization that gave rise to Auschwitz.”
— William Han, The Yale Globalist, April 2002

And the Jews "caused" the Holocaust…
“In the end, feelings need not be rational. The Chinese cultural crisis is a product of Western imperialism.”
— William Han, The Yale Globalist, April 2002

McVeigh and Bin Laden: the real victims
“Predictably, neither McVeigh nor Bin Laden match the medical diagnoses prescribed by society— and it is for this reason that Bin Laden, if found must be killed.”
— Benjamin Landy, Journal of Contemporary Culture, Vol. 3, No. 2

Speak for yourself
“What’s more, these movies decline to make any kind of larger statement, leaving viewers to try to clean up the moral mess themselves.”
— Emma Span, Journal of Contemporary Culture, Vol. 3, No.2

“There’s a lot of intellectual fermet here [at the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies],” McDiarmid said.”
— Shinzong Lee, YDN, 5/1/02

The hard life of eating out
“By realizing the inconvenience of purchasing their meals for a day, students will come to realize the hardship of not having three meals a day provided for them.”
— Benita Singh, YDN, 4/26/02

Give it up.
“Bush and Cheney, the last men standing in the least legitimate election in our history….”
— Tavia Nyong’o, Continua, April 2002

It is beautiful, isn’t it?
“The capacity of our ruling classes to appropriate even the most refractory of subversive cultural figures and images for the furtherance of the establishment agenda never ceases to amaze.”
— Tavia Nyong’o, Continua, April 2002

Cultural sensitivity
“In the fantastical white-trash universe of Rock’s latest video, “Forever,” hundreds of American flags take precedence over big cars, mansions and Pamela Lee’s breasts as the dominant imagery.”
— Tavia Nyong’o, Continua, April 2002

Yale Notes

What better thing to do on June 28th and 29th than to go to the Panther Film Fest presented by the Black Panther Film Festival and the Afro American Cultural Center at Yale? Maybe Bobby Seale will come back and order some people killed who don’t comply: in other words, you might want to do the right thing...

The Yale Free Press would like wish its seniors and super-seniors luck upon leaving us. We will fumigate the office shortly. Oh wait, we don’t have an office...

Continua publishes all of its issues with the same cover. I guess in this case, you can judge a book by its cover. Breaking News!

Natalie Krinsky realizes that sex doesn’t always mean love. How she wishes now that she could hear the words, “I love you!” uttered once again. Maybe now she can graduate from 6th grade sex-ed. I guess even she’s graduating from something this weekend.

Kudos to the YDN for their sensible coverage of the unions and the Rev. Lee mess. The News’ View endorsement of Maya Lin on 5/1/ 02 deserves praise. Have you guys been reading the YFP or something?

Apparently, Gourmet Heaven is planning to open another store on Whitney, next to Sandra’s and accross from Audubon Square. Woohoo! Now we can get Heritage O’s at two locations in New Haven!

Finally, someone took that damn Palestinian flag down. What other terrorist nations’ flags will go up next? Lybia? Iraq?

It is heartening that Ishai Eshkol noticed that he was geting hosed by the YHHAP Fest (YDN, 4/25/02). However, the YFP reported on this two years ago. See William Rogel’s December 1999 article, “Hapless YHHAP” (available at It pays to read the Yale Free Press. Literally.


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