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The Yale Free Press is in the process of compiling and digitizing its archives. 
The articles listed in black (and more) are coming soon, but it's pretty hard to get this all done with the child labor people on our back.

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Freshman Issue, Fall 2001
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Freshman 2002
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Articles by Subject

Democracy and Poetry: What happens when poetic greatness meets democratic ideals. It isn’t pretty.
DMX: The Darker Side of Modernity: The birth of tragedy from the spirit of rap music.
John Douglas, Obsession: The FBI’s foremost serial crime profiler on the origins of sexual homicide.
Nicholson Baker, The Size of Things: “What would you think if I wrote an entire review like that?”
Thomas Harris, Hannibal: The Whining of the Lambs.
Edmund Husserl: The Truth Is Out There.
Toulouse-Lautrec’s The Pleasures of Paris: Putting on a show at the Moulin-Rouge.
Vertigo: A tribute to Hitchcock’s masterpiece.
“The Waste Land”

Carpe Doobie: Advice to Yalies. “Sometimes I just get too baked to write this stuff.”
The Dormouse in Hell: “I was in Hell, and Virgil was hitting on me…” 
Fun in the Kitchen: Trip While You Bake: The Dormouse samples nutmeg. It works.
Fun With Dairy Products: Pot and cheese. 
Kitty, This Bud’s for You
On the Road: A look back at the young Dormouse; with tips on driving stoned. 
Scrub the Bong Slowly
The Drug War: This Time It’s Personal: The injustice of mandatory minimums.

Bombing for Dollars and The Crimes of the K.L.A.: Against the war in Kosovo. “We have arbitrarily picked between two forces for evil, Milosevic and the K.L.A.”
In Search of Liberalism, Chinese Style: Report from Beijing.
My Trip to Nicaragua
Spring Break in Afghanistan: Travels in a war zone, 1983.
Troublemaker: Harry Wu’s crusade against China’s cruelty.

Bizarre Bazaar: The YFP’s totally unbiased guide to Yale organizations.
A Coarse Critique: Classes to take, classes to avoid.

Art as Sadomasochism: “The highest activities concern neither pleasure nor freedom, but their opposites.”
“Dear Jew at Yale…”: An open letter on philosophy, Torah, and fatherhood.
Dulce et Decorum Est: Honor and the dangerous life.
The End of America?: The YFP asks, Has the American experiment failed? Two conflicting answers.
The Hospital: What is the Free Press for?
No Controlling Legal Authority: On conservatism and the sublime. 
“Outside my window…”
Rita Hayworth at Yale or, Education Is for the Weak. “Gilda is about how much in the world we cannot control or undo. We can’t resurrect the dead, or make anybody love us at all. And are there any interesting stories except those?”
This Is Another Article About the Decline of the West: Why would a 19-year-old be a conservative? 
Those Are Pearls That Were His Eyes: Eros and education.

Back Page Ad Gallery: Racist Charms; Pedophilophobia; GRESO; and more!
 Adolf H: The back page ad that got a whole print run stolen.
 Aeroflot: A Cold War classic.
 *America’s Most Wanted: Joe Camel, Ronald McDonald, Toucan Sam…
 Blue Book Supplement: Moses, skorts, and more.
 Celebrate Pride Week: Sinnin’ in the rain, just sinnin’ in the rain…
 C.R.E.T.I.N.: The Committee to Restore Ethnic Territory to Indigenous Nations
 End Suffering!: Hi, I’m Bill Bradley…
 Girls Love Men: We can’t make this stuff up.
 GRESO: Because GESO doesn’t go far enough.
 Immoral Minority: Because no American should be born more than once.
 Letter to Bill Buckley: From the DEA.
*Local 36: A Yale students’ union.
*Pedophilophobia: Love Is Not a Crime.
PHAT: End fat oppression.
A Proclamation from Sandra Day O'Connor
Reality Television: Fox's New Fall Line-up
Racist Charms: Yale dining halls support bigotry!
The Red Book: Course Critique for Communists.
Rumpus: Rumors, Allegations, and Truths We Couldn’t Prove.
Signs of Right-Wing Pathology: Take this simple test.
typical: “His white-out imploded in my womansoul.”
Ward One Aldermen: Ask not what New Haven can do for you. Ask what New Haven can do for your resume.
Beauty School Dropouts: Don’t you wish this were what happened in 2000?
Best of Graphic Violence: A safe gun; an invitation from the people of Afghanistan; a Rorschach Bat; and much more!
Best of Media Watch: The best of the worst—the YFP acts as rabid watchdog of the Yale media.
Best of Yale Notes: Dumb stuff that happened here.
We Shall Overcome: “Striving” on the SATs CHECK
Yale Students for Choice: It’s axiomatic.

How the Right Helps the Poor: And how the Left failed.
Marriage: Legalize It!: How divorce laws have hurt women and children first.
The Oldest New Deal: Franklin Roosevelt, crypto-pagan. “Christianity itself did not die out, as Julian had hoped, but much of its charitable work did.”
The Romance of Charity: The state, the self, and sacrifice. “The modern welfare state practices the equivalent of forced marriage, or forced conversion.”
Rotten Apples: Teachers’ unions fail kids.
Sweatshops: The Price of Freedom. “The problems facing people in poor countries are not due to voluntary free trade, but to political and cultural systems that make trade only free to the privileged people with guns.”
YHHAPless: Playing Fast and loose with students’ cash.

California Court Rights an Injustice: Judicial activism swings both ways on racial preferences.
David Kessler Is Watching: “As head of the FDA, Kessler had a thick record of decisions many would consider unwise at best, stupid or lethal at worst.”
Liberty, Equality, Artillery: Guns, the Great Equalizers.
The Prosperity Haters. “Mandatory recycling has been bankrupting municipalities nationwide despite the fact that recycling often increases pollution.”
Recycling Assumptions Mostly Garbage: Junk science.
Republicans in Retreat: Why the Right thinks it’s wrong. “Rightists’ belief in man’s imperfection leads them to question themselves all the time.”
Subverting the Dominant Paradigm: Why neither Right nor Left got the DOMA question correct. “The debate pitted a hypocritical Left against a moralizing Right.”
Tax-Wielding Maniacs: On May 11th, you’re free.

Just the Facts, Ma’am: Campus anti-rape campaigns pursue laudable goal with false statistics, unjust tactics.
Sex and the New Asceticism at Yale: Love and the body. “The problem with the Yale sex drive is not that it is too strong, but that it is too weak.”
Who Would Jesus Date?: “The speakers all thought and argued that homosexual acts and Christianity go together like orange juice and vodka.”

Are You All So Common?: No fanfare for the Common Application. “It’s unclear whether they were trying to be cute or Heideggerian, but it was definitely one of the two.”
Flower Powerless: The “Flower Lady” vs. big government.
The Greatness of the Yale Political Union: The Yale Political Union is for nothing.
Welcoming Freshmen to the Global Village: A closer look at President Levin’s and Dean Brodhead’s addresses to the Class of 2000. Odysseus responds to the Broad Headed One; Levin tells us, “To Hell with it all, let’s get rich!”
Slouching Toward the Right: 1999 poll reveals Yale loves the Queen, hates the Chairman. 
Twilight of BGLAD
YDN Abets Bass Grant Revisionism: The true story behind the infamous Western Civ grant.

Yale Chaplain Harry Adams on why the world is not a church.
Harold Bloom on books, like ill-fortune.
William F. Buckley, Jr. on drugs, universities, and the conservative future.
David Gelernter on technology, Hillary and more.
John Lott on the impossibility of campaign finance reform. “Campaign finance reform is going to entrench incumbents, make it more likely that wealthy candidates will run for and win office, increase independent campaign expenditures, and make nastier campaigns.”
Steven Smith on the university in politics and politics in the university.
Paul Rahe on friendship, citizenship, and the problems of the West.


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