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April 2004
Volume XVIII, Number 6



Coming Out Conservative

Eric Tung, Diana Feygin • Conservatives speak out to explain their reasons

Killing Meaning
Nikki McArthur • What is so valuable about "open dialogue"?

Chasing the Wind
Lia Oksman • American foreign policy leaves much undone

Outsource This!
Jonathan Berry • Why Free Trade is Better than “Fair” Trade

Sexual Harassment
Kerri Price, Zachary Craig • Long on power, short on meaning

Racism or Realism?
Katerina Apostolides • Yalies are overreacting

Punks on the Left, Punks on the Right
Angie Chamberland • The place of conservatism in punk culture 

Grinding the Axe
Media Watch  • Yale Notes

From the Campaign Trail...
Breaking news about the pan-Republican baby conspiracy. Disturbing.



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