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T H E    G I V E N    O R D E R
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November 1997

Join Yale Students for Choice

Consider the Facts:

  • Fact: We are the only group at Yale that supports your right to choose. We support the right to choose not only in one state, in two states, or in fifty states, but, theoretically, in infinitely many states.
  • Fact: We are the only group at Yale with a proven solution to world hunger in the form of an enormous cantaloupe.
  • Fact: The same people who are against choice today were against integration.
  • Fact: Cantor was a Jew.
  • Fact: The fact of the matter is that there is no fact of the matter.

The social and intellectual elites at Yale deny your right to choose. They believe that it may be impossible. Come support your right to choose at our organizational meeting. Keep your laws off my assumptions. Free coffee.

The Yale Free Press is published by students ofYale University. 
Yale University is not responsible for its 
contents. By the same
token, The Yale Free Press is not responsible for the contents of Yale



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