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T A B L E    O F    C O N T E N T S

January 2002
Volume XVI, Number 4

Labor Pains


Labor Pains
Yevgeny Vilensky • Where does it hurt?

From the Editor
Joseph A. P. De Feo • Black Activists: Free at last of MLK’s legacy

The Given Order

The Blame Game
Nikki McArthur • A closer look at the "root causes” of terrorism  

Fishy Business
A parody (because some people lack subtlety)

Clash of the Titans
Katherine Mangu-Ward • A debate on drug legalization 

Citizenship Ancient and Modern
Lukas Halim • Interview with University of Tulsa Prof. Paul Rahe

The World’s Repairman
William Rogel • A conservative case for nation building

Against Whitewashing
Mollie Wilson • A blackfaced relic survives renovation

An Armed Campus
Peter Somerville • Yale and war

Ringing Endorsement
Emily Grant • A review of the film The Fellowship of the Ring

Grinding the Axe
Media Watch  • Yale Notes

From the Committee for Liberal Reform
Yale spawns another blockbuster movie

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