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Something Fishy 
• January 2002


Democracy, Security and Justice
Perspectives on the American Future

University of Illinois 
Professor Stanley Fish

The man who destroyed 
the Duke University English Departement, meaning, and truth.

  The following are excerpts from his DSJ Lecture:

The Twin Towers are a male-male binary and anti-binary, a rejection of opposition. Their circumcision and emasculation by terrorists is an expression of the will-to-power of the Islamic nations.  They have struck at the genitals of the abusive West that has so long raped them…

Some may say that two wrongs do not make a right, that Muslims cannot respond to centuries of western oppression by acts of mass terror; but this notion of fairness does not take into account the grave wrongs done to the Muslims in the past, and that they have not been redressed; that a debt remains and that the West has not yet paid it, and that until there is symmetry there will be no peace, we are certain.  The towers obscenely thrust into the heavens, now are destroyed by the oppressed, so long unable to express their will-to-power, so long unable to make the result of their unfree speech, tied to future but non-potential action, potential.  With the towers fell the West’s phallogocentrism, and we are liberated from “truth” itself… 

When asked what I would do if I were president, the only possible response was that “I” would do nothing, as the subject is a myth.  The greater question is how to respond to having the “enemy” within us, as we are permeable Beings…



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