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January 2002

One side had money, the other side had thugs.
In between stood...

The Consultant


With Evel Knievel as The Consultant, 
watch as he bridges a gap formed by 
unspeakable enmity to achieve peace in our time.

He reconciles the bumbling Yale President (Woody Allen), locked in his Hamden fortress, and the Union Boss (James Gandolfini) with his army of hired goons.

A set of intractable problems.
A war between two forces driven to destroy each other.
And a friendship no one would have expected, if not for...

The Consultant.

His next stop -- Northern Ireland? The Middle East?  Wait for the sequels...

You should...see this movie.”
The New York Times

“Tender and haunting.”
The Brickton Atlas-Trumpet

“I [liked] it.”
Roger Ebert

“Romantic comedy at its height.”
The New Republic

With special appearances by Sir Jack Nicholson as delightfully insane Mayor John DeStefano, 
and Arnold Schwarzenegger as Alison Richard

President Levin says, “This slick Hollywood picture will gloss over my evil rise to power.”
Mayor John DeStefano says, “Heeeeeeeeeeeere’s Johnny!”
Sponsored by the the Motion Picture Association of Amerikkka 
and the Committee for Liberal Reform.
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Yale University is not responsible for its 
contents. By the same
token, The Yale Free Press is not responsible for the contents of Yale



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