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G R I N D I N G    T H E    A X E
Media Watch 
Yale Notes
Graphic Violence
January 2002

Media Watch 

Yale: Challenging your bladder, emptying your mind
“Actually, I wouldn’t change a thing. The Yale experience wouldn’t be the same without a meandering, bladder-challenging CT Limo ride every few months.” 
Molly Worthen, YDN 11/27/01

40 Percent of Yalies can’t be wrong
“More than 40 percent of Yalies have finally agreed on one thing—they care about the environment.” 
Naomi Massave, YDN 11/27/01

Old habits die hard
“There was a restaurant on the front and an entrance in back. It was a furtive thing, and we all went in the back door.”
Wayne Eley, on a New Haven gay bar in the 60s, YDN 11/27/01

And about as useful
“Sure, we both listen to rap, finish each other’s lines from the obscurest and most forgettable songs of the last decade or two; sure we are both chiller than a Icee in the dead of December.”
Ameer Kim El-Mallawany, Type winter 2001

Wait—is Jon wearing the blue jacket?
“Jon is black. Now that may not seem like a big deal to you, but I am not black, and in case you haven’t noticed, things around Yale aren’t so integrated when the guy in the blue jacket squeezes the trigger and the race of academia begins (pun intended).”
Ameer Kim El-Mallawany, Type winter 2001

Yale Education at Work
“All them blacks and browns and yellows and reds and grays (that’s me ‘cause I’m none of the above), all jumbled together and everything is okay.” 
Ameer Kim El-Mallawany, Type winter 2001

Can we still turn back time?
“If it weren’t for Cultural Connections…I wouldn’t be writing this; I wouldn’t be on Type, because I would have never gone to the meeting with him.” 
Jonathan Farmer, Type winter 2001

The page size wasn’t the problem…
“After a one-semester hiatus, Type magazine has returned with a fresh outlook, and several new staff members who joined us with an innovative energy. We’ve returned to our original format, from the smaller pages back to the larger, lengthwise ones; but although the pages look the way they did before, the content shows that type is, in fact, beginning to show a different face…(sic)”
Type winter 2001

The unexamined life is not worth living
“[Gender Studies] Program urges students to examine their bodies”
Rebecca Dana, YDN, 10/23/01

Eclectic interests 
“Jacqueline Farber ’03 cares about your testicles. […]Because Farber also cares about your breasts.”
Rebecca Dana, YDN, 10/23/01

Finally a good argument to decrease section size
“Genecin and Farber might be seen as espousing particularly liberal education philosophies, extending the classroom to the bathroom.” 
Rebecca Dana YDN 10/23/01

What decade did you live in?!
“My friends and I would sing “Help” and “I Am the Walrus” during recess, on the school bus going to field trips, and in the cafeteria. George made all of that possible.”
Matthew Nickson, YDN, 12/03/01.

Aren’t we all? 
“Harrison is like a cross between William Blake and Pablo Neruda in that his vision is so humane, and he is deeply disturbed by injustice.” 
Matthew Nickson, YDN, 12/03/01.

I saw his limo once…
“George Harrison’s not like that. He’s always been sincere with us. […] It’s hard to say goodbye when you lose somebody so close, like George Harrison.” 
 Matthew Nickson, YDN, 12/03/01.

Yale’s Mission: Sabotage
“The unions are all about — encouraging Yale to live up to its mission.”
Antony Dugdale, union organizer and cowriter of the Yale Slavery Report, YDN, 12/12/01

News to me
“The involvement of newspapers in the news has been a new phenomenon that has forever altered the world of journalism.” 
Adam Click, YDN  11/14/01

We have seen the enemy, and he is a pair of dice.
“The enemy for the Dominican people is not Osama Bin Laden. It is not any man, and it has no face. The enemy is chance. Coincidence. It’s bad luck. It’s destruction with no excuse, not even a bad one.” 
Gregory Yolen, YDN 11/30/01

That’ll teach those repressed librarians!
“’We thought making out in CCL was a political act.’” 
Maia Ettinger  YDN 11/27/01

Homosexuality is a conviction?
“People who believe it is impossible to reconcile homosexuality and Christianity are too steadfast in their convictions to be interested in real dialogue.” Joshua Wright, YDN 11/29/01

…and doggone it, Jesus likes me
“But here I realized that I’m smart enough and old enough to read the Bible for myself and make it my own Christianity.” Ryan Alvarez, YDN 11/29/01

I can see clearly now, the brain is gone
“This section provides a general overview of the state of affairs in Palestine after a year of heightened resistance, supplemented by a more existential account of the effect of the military occupation on Palestine women giving birth, and by a theoretical conception of the overall geo-political framework in play.”
Continua Vol 1, Issue 1

Critical condition
“And so this short compendium of literature attempts to engage critically, and pluralistically, the cultural formation of our times.” 
Note from the Editors, Journal of Contemporary Culture, Fall
A headline as stupid as the byline.
“Beyond Ballin: Basketball, the Black Male Body and Late Capitalism.” 
Josh Jelly-Shapiro, Journal of Contemporary Culture, Fall

Creative writing
 “Wednesday’s front page article incorrectly stated that former Yale professor Johnathan Weinberg  was fired from the University, that he accused Yale of discrimination, and that he claimed he was         fired for being gay.  He was not fired from Yale; he just was not given tenure.  He has never accused Yale of discrimination in any legal capacity, and he did not say that he was being fired for being gay.  Also the article incorrectly stated that most of Weinbery’s friends at Fieldston School were gay.  He said none of them were gay.” 
Correction, YDN 11/29/01

If Harvard and Princeton jumped off a bridge…
“Last year, we watched as Yale followed our peers in reforming financial aid, rather than leading the pack.”
Jacob Remes, YDN Editorial 11/7/01

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.
“Friday to Become Monday”
YDN headline, 1/15/01

How do you explain bloody fetuses in the trash?
“How do you explain to [children] the bloody fetuses on the signs up around the building you walk by every day?” 
Eugene Peck, quoted in YDN 11/29/01

Yale Notes

In its October issue, the YFP’s Given Order exhibited a postmodern flair. And by that we mean that it was disordered. Fear not, the Editor is back on his meds.  By which we mean gin.  

It has come to the YFP’s attention that after Saybrook renovations, a carving was removed from the  cornice of the Athenaeum Room.  It was a relief of two boys.  One might guess that they were playing leap-frog, until one gathered that they were in the Athenaeum Room and were engaged in a more...Greek pursuit.  Someone should inform the LGBT Co-op of this act of discrimination, because chances are they’re not reading this.

In another act of whitewashing, the German Faculty Lounge has been stripped of its etchings and engravings.  Rumor has it that the artwork was deemed politically incorrect. Only a scion of the Harkness family remains, holding illimitable dominion over all.  Among the art removed were were engravings of various figures from European royalty, as well as engravings of paintings of William Hogarth.  Perhaps the offending piece was his 1732 “A Harlot’s Progress.”

Speaking of harlots, the YFP would like to say the following to Natalie Krinsky: You give syphilis a bad name.   

And to Noelle Hancock: You can thank Miss Krinsky, who makes you look like Queen Victoria herself.  

J. Crew is set to open on January 24.  Thank God Yalies will now have access to white oxford shirts, crew necks, and khakis.  Finally!  All part of Broadway Redevelopment.  

And speaking of that dead horse, Urban Outfitters has exceeded all of our expectations.  It provides ghetto clothes without the ghetto prices.  And Salvation Army clothes without the charity.   And Jesus nightlights. 


Graphic Violence

1/21/02  YDN

The YDN reveals its sources.


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