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G R I N D I N G    T H E    A X E
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March 2001



Ask not what New Haven can do for you, 
but what New Haven can do for your resume.


Ward 1 Aldermanic Candidacy Application Page 15 

I want to be a Ward 1 Alderman: 

(a) to hack my way into Skull & Bones 
(b) to pad my resume 
(c) because of white guilt 
(d) all of the above 

The most pressing issue facing New Haven is: 

(a) poverty 
(b) town/gown relations 
(c) not enough wretched clothing chains 
(d) I don't know. I decided to run today 

An aldermanic candidate should never: 

(a) commit vote fraud 
(b) participate in race-bating 
(c) know what he's talking about 
(d) be a Republican 

The New Haven Democratic Machine is: 

(a) good. 
(b) very good. 
(c) very very good. 
(d) strangling the life out of this city (just kidding—I really think it's the salvation of the West). 

If you fail here, no one will know!
Lex Paulson says, "Take up the Yale Man's burden, send forth the best ye breed." 
Ben Healey says, "What the hell, I'm out of here in four years anyway." 
 Sponsored by the New Haven Democratic Party
and the Committee for Liberal Reform
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