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G R I N D I N G    T H E    A X E
January 2001


Fox proudly presents next 
season's reality TV line-up

A show in which the government monitors you, beats you up, and takes your money.

Real World Jerusalem
A Jerusalem apartment is inhabited by seven young wacky and hip Israelis and Palestinians.  Watch the sparks fly as they stop being polite and start being real.

Which Gender 
am I?
A live studio audience must guess which of five genders the contestants are.
Who Else Wants 
to Marry a 
Rick Rockwell is back for more.

More quality programming 
from Fox, coming this fall:

• Who Wants to Marry a Horse?
• Leper Colony Survivor
•  Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: How long can a gay Brit last in the U.S. Army?
• Cemetery Sweep: Who can collect the most treasures in a midnight necropolis spree?
YOU Take the Kids: Custody Cage Fights
• Bill Clinton’s Debauchery Island
• Where’s My Pacemaker?
• The 13th Step: What happens when 10 recovering alcoholics are locked in a brewery for a year?
• The NewlyDead Game: Can you guess the cause of death?
• Trial by Ordeal: Judge Judy presides as God’s justice is doled out with boiling oil, hot spikes, and reckless swordplay!


Rupert Murdoch says, “I wish they’d put Maggie Thatcher on Temptation Island.”
Chuck Woolery says, “Where’s my pacemaker?”

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the Committee for Liberal Reform.

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