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Rejected YFP Slogans
October 2001

The Yale Free Press staff worked hard all summer at devising slogans, each more compelling than the next. Or so we thought.  The following represent the best and the worst of them.  See if you can tell the difference.

The YFP: In glorious newsprint. 
The YFP: Itís not just a phase
The YFP: Itís happy hour in America. 
The YFP: Youíll pay for this. 
The YFP: Makeshift umbrellas since 1982.
The YFP: What are you looking at? 
The YFP: As seen in the gutter. 
The YFP: Whereís my drink? 
The YFP: No purchase necessary. 
The YFP: Waiting for Zarathustra. 
The YFP: Keep Trope Alive. 
The YFP: We must prepare for the floor show. 
The YFP: Candy from strangers. 
The YFP: Putting the bar in Bar Mitzvah. 
The YFP: Life is a Cabernet.
The YFP: Details inside.
The YFP: Truth. With spinning blades. 
The YFP: Now more absorbent. 
The YFP: Take with lots of whiskey.
The YFP: All we are saying is give war a chance. 
The YFP: We killed the radio star.
The YFP: Slogan should be in centered, 12pt font, and make it funny. 
The YFP: Leave no lush behind 
The YFP: Do not expose to direct sunlight 
The YFP: Should not be handled by pregnant women
The YFP: In just seven days, weíll make you a man. 
The YFP: 10,000 German-Argentinians canít be wrong
The YFP: Start juggling, monkey-boy. 
The YFP: Only you can prevent forests. 
The YFP: This hurts me more than it hurts you.
The YFP: Stop sending slogan suggestions. 
The YFP: Anything we put here will be funny.


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