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A. Chapel Minimart
1182 Chapel Street
Mon-Sat 7.30AM-11PM
Sun 7.30AM-8PM

B. J&B Deli
1145 Chapel Street
Mon-Fri 7AM-7.30PM
Sat 8AM-7PM

C. Store 24
63 York Street

D. News Haven
1058 Chapel Street
Sun-Wed 8AM-7.45PM
Thurs 8AM-8.45PM
Fri 8AM-10PM
Sat 8.30AM-10PM

E. College Wine
212 College Street
Mon-Sat 9.30AM

F. The Owl Shop
268 College Street
Mon-Sat 9AM-6PM


B U R I E D    T R E A S U R E
Tour de Nicotine 
Emily Grant and Casey Lee • This counts as community service, right? • October 2001

The powers that be at Yale have been conducting a long-running war against smokers. And, with the closing of Krauser’s, the University has won their campaign to stop the sale of cigarettes on campus-owned properties. To smoke a cigarette is, after all, the ultimate sin in this Godless age, and the University is going to help us to be virtuous human beings—with squeaky-clean lungs.  But the University’s move hurts women. Which sex tends to be shorter and less muscular, and therefore more likely to be the target of criminals? Women. All that the banishment of cigarettes from University properties will do is to increase the number of late-night muggings of women, since we now have to go down to North Frontage Road or up to Dixwell Avenue to buy a pack late at night. 
It is out of concern for the women of Yale that the YFP has performed our first-ever act of community service and published this handy-dandy cigarette map, which lists locations of stores and hours. 


The Yale Free Press is published by students ofYale University. 
Yale University is not responsible for its 
contents. By the same
token, The Yale Free Press is not responsible for the contents of Yale


G. Howe Minimart
90 Howe Street
Mon-Sat 7AM-10PM
Closed Sunday

H. Rudy’s
372 Elm Street
Sun-Thurs 4PM-1AM
Fri-Sat 4PM-2AM

I. Zachary’s Liquors
375 Elm Street
Mon-Sat 9AM-8PM

J. Shell Gas Station
1 Whalley Avenue

K. Hong Kong Grocery
67 Whitney Avenue
Mon-Wed 10.30AM
Thurs-Sat 10.30AM
Sun 10.30AM

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