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Buckley or Imposter?

Determine which quotes were actually
spoken or written by William F. Buckley, Jr.

How well do you know the man who slouches under the weight of all that he knows?

Winners will receive a YFP T-Shirt or Gun Rack*

“Granted that the Peking Adult Education machine is at liberty to spread whatever word it wishes to describe the American response to its protests, we can of course insist that we are custodians of the correct meaning of the English language –in fact, we can say the truth, which is that in lexicography, we long ago outpaced the font of the mother tongue, Great Britain.”

“But whatever we say we intended to say by what we said –what matters is what crystallized opinion takes out of it all.”

“Certain votaries of the mysteries of the Lost Cause have forced a vote on the wisdom and decency of flying the Confederate flag (the battler flag, that is) alongside the flag of the triumphant Union. Under ordinary circumstances, losers do not get to write the history books, let alone issue treatises on vexillology. So something else is clearly going on. What?”

“What is it we are on to?”

“A visit to a Stockholm late-night club featuring consummated on-stage copulation is memorable, even if the evening ended with bachelor-party resolution not to do it again.”

“Surely, I though, this portends something.”

“Will I get free sleeping pills if Bush is elected? If Gore is elected, will I double my consumption of sleeping pills?”

“Since we’re in the business of repealing things, maybe we should repeal the Thirteenth and Fourteenth. (Wake me at six, dear.)”

“On the matter of the death of Joey Ramone, a few questions.”

“The basic question is, or ought to be, Whence this professed financial satori? What makes him so special?”

“We may ask the Rev. Sharpton: Why is it –prudent? necessary? advantageous? –to cherish such cutaneous grievances?”

*The contest has ended, pal.  The YFP can no longer meet your gun-rack related needs.


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