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September 2000

G R A P H I C    V I O L E N C E

"Hello, you have activated your finely crafted Smith & Wesson firearm. Due to Federal regulations, your firearm has been equipped with a state-of-the-art safety system." 

"If this is an emergency, please press nine, and a customer service representative will assist you shortly. Please remain on the line -- your call is important to us." 

"If you are a five-year-old child, put the gun down." 

"If you are a homicidal teenager, put the gun down." 

"If you are a militia member, put the gun down." 

"If you know the type of crime being commited, please enter the name of the crime, followed by the pound sign. <BEEP>M-U-D-D-E-R is not a valid name of a crime. Please hang up and try again when you can remember the name of the crime."

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