"The China-Africa friendship that we enjoy today is the result of concerted efforts of people of several generations from both sides. The future of this friendship will be in the hands of our young people. People of the younger generation embody not only the hope of greater development of China and Africa, but also the promise of even stronger friendship between the two sides in the future."

--President Hu Jintao of the People's Republic of China


Here is a list of confirmed speakers who will present at YFOCAR:

  • Adams Bodomo
    Professor of Linguistics, Coordinater, African Studies Programme, School of Humanities, The University of Hong Kong
    The African Diaspora in China: Symmetry and Soft Power in Africa-China Relations

  • Jeremy Carl
    PhD Candidate, Stanford University
    Environment, Energy and Oil--Africa and Energy Development in China

  • Wenran Jiang
    Associate Professor of Political Science & Mactaggart Research Chair of the China Institute, University of Alberta
    Energy Development in China and the Emergence of China as a Global Superpower

  • Ato Onoma
    Assistant Professor of Political Science, Yale University
    Economic Development in Africa: Movement of People, Goods and Ideas and the Development of Socio-Political Stability

  • Aleksandra Gadzala
    M.Phil, Oxford University,
    The impact of Chinese investment and penetration on informal sector activities in parts of Africa, with focus on Uganda, Zambia and Kenya, setting the recent Chinese move towards Africa in context of broader Chinese migration and commerce

  • Dunia Zongwe
    Graduate Student, Cornell University Law School
    Contractual legal framework for the optimization of China’s investments in the mining sectors of sub-Saharan Africa
  • Codrin Arsene
    Researcher and Scholar, Political Science Department, University of Chicago
    The Most Unequal Equals: Historical and Present Trends of the Sino-Tanzanian Friendship

  • Jingjing Zhang
    Yale University
    Director of Litigation, Center for Legal Assistance to Pollution Victims
  • Mohammad Yunus Rafiq
    Yale University, Co-founder of Aang Serian Peace Village
    Hip-Hop in Africa; Bongoflava, Youth agency and Cultural Production in Tanzania
  • Jason Chu
    Yale University,
    Sino-African Parallels, Chinese Hip-Hop
  • Dr. Stephanie Rupp
    Associate, Program on Intrastate Conflict/International Security Program
    Human Rights
  • Sinéad Hunt
    Yale University Graduate Student
    Human Rights
  • Chansonetta Cummings
    Yale University: Masters Candidate, International Relations
    Human Rights
  • Ruta Ninkar
    Yale University: Masters Candidate, International Relations
    Human Rights
  • Jason Warner
    Yale University: Masters Candidate in African Studies
    Human Rights


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