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Top 10 Reasons to Become A Vegetarian

  1. Vegetarian diets are health-giving! In fact, 95% of former meat-eaters report that a switch to a vegetarian diet increases their energy, vitality, and well-being.
  2. Vegetarian diets support the health of the environment by avoiding the massive deforestation, wasteful feeding of grain and corn to livestock, and over-consumption of water required to support a meat-based diet.
  3. Scientific studies have shown that vegetarian diets are associated with lower rates of killer diseases like heart disease, colon cancer, breast cancer, osteoporosis, and even lung cancer. Americans are amongst the biggest meat-consumers in the world and consequently have the highest rates in the world of those diseases.
  4. Vegetarianism has the power to solve the world hunger crisis. If Americans were to reduce their meat consumption by only 10%, every one of the 60 million human beings that starve to death on this planet would be adequately fed.
  5. Vegetarianism is based on the ideal of humane treatment of all living creatures.
  6. Vegetarians avoid poisonous chemicals like hormones, antibiotics, and chemical contaminants found in animal products, such as heptachlor, PCBs, toxaphene, the bacteria salmonellosis and campylobacter, and the dioxin-containing chemical 2,4,5-T, which has been linked to immune deficiencies, sterility, contamination of mother's milk, and other health problems.
  7. Vegetarian diets supply more than adequate amounts of protein, according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrituion, the World Health Organization, and Food and Nutrition Board, and the National Research Council.
  8. Vegetarians display greater stamina and strength than meat-eaters, as shown in numerous tests of muscular endurance.
  9. Experts are now saying that 80% of cancer is preventable through healthy diets which contain low amounts of fats and oils and high amounts of fiber-the model vegetarian diet!
  10. You have the opportunity as a vegetarian to take your health, energy, and well-being to unimagined heights, and to engage in a style of life that heals the planet you live on. Join us!