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YCVS is an undergraduate organization dedicated to raising awareness and educating people on vegetarian issues. We provide a forum for vegetarians and potential vegetarians alike to gather and share information, experiences, and delicious food. We wish to include as many people as possible. We have no ill will toward those who eat meat; we only wish to educate everyone and them make their own decisions about what to eat.

Specific Goals



Erik Marcus, Thursday, Oct. 21 at 7 pm in WLH 208 [PDF flyer]
Erik Marcus is one of America's leading writers about animal agriculture. He is also the publisher of, a popular website devoted to animal protection and the vegan lifestyle. A highly regarded public speaker, Mr. Marcus lives in Upstate New York.

Meat Market: Animal, Ethics, and Money. Every generation, a book comes along that reshapes society's attitudes toward food. Meat Market is such a book, and it offers the most compelling critique of animal agriculture yet set to print. In his talk, Erik Marcus looks at the history of animal agriculture and charts the decline of its ethical standards. Despite the worsening plight of animals, Erik's message is hopeful and optimistic. He offers ideas and strategies to combat cruelty that can be embraced by meat-lovers and activists alike. He also shows how easy it is to fill your diet with delicious, healthy, and humanely produced foods.

Welcome back! YCVS is planning outings to restaurants, potlucks, film screenings and discussions, and several of those wonderful homecooked dinners. Please contact Swati if you would like to get involved in YCVS projects and/or take a leadership role--there are plenty of opportunities!

Officers for 2004-2005:
President: Swati Deshmukh
Vice-President / Webmaster: Tiffany Ng

Other Food News:

If you are concerned about social responsibility and food, you may want to check out this group working on Fair Trade, which improves the lives of farmers and organics, which improve our health and the health of the environment (as well as being better for farmers and farm laborers).
Background information:
*Coffee is the world's SECOND MOST TRADED COMMODITY--after oil.
*Over 20 MILLION coffee workers produce coffee in nearly 50 countries.
*EXPLOITED by middlemen, farmers frequently are paid barely enough to cover production costs.
*Currently groups AROUND THE WORLD are working to promote Fair Trade, an alternative to sweatshop production.
*Transfair certified coffee beans are available ONLINE and in New Haven at TEN THOUSAND VILLAGES and STARBUCKS.
*Links: Global Exchange, TransFair USA

Food From the Earth has worked with the Dining Halls to bring organic food items to Durfee's. It also got the dining halls to switch to some organic staple foods (like brown rice, raisins, and yellow split peas) in a way that did not cost any more money. For more information, contact Becca Falik.


Our projects for this semester include


If you're interested in the group, have any questions or feedback, or just want to say hello, email Swati or Tiffany.

Last updated 17 October 2004.