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Until now, the great majority of these materials were either unpublished or nearly impossible to use for many were recorded in encoded, nearly illegible diaries or in scattered, often inaccessible journals. In fact, the parliamentary materials for 1640-41 have been so difficult to decipher and use, that most accounts of the period immediately preceding the English Civil War have been forced to omit them.

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The Yale Center's volumes now remove this great obstacle to our understanding of an important chapter in the history of representative governments. The publication of the parliamentary diaries makes available to scholars and the general public - for the first time - a set of deciphered, annotated materials in clear modern English. Thus, these generally unknown and unexplored materials become the required starting place for all serious research on the origins of the English Civil War.

The editions are organized so that anyone may study these journals with relative ease. The editors at the Yale Center have meticulously reconstructed Parliament's proceedings by arranging all known individual accounts and private diaries chronologically, allowing the reader easily to compare and contrast the entries of various members of Parliament on each day's proceedings and debates.

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