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Why Students?
Common Misconceptions Explained

"Students never get anything accomplished"
  • The truth: Students have been the driving force behind many of the advances in AIDS elimination over the past two decades.

"Students have no power"
  • The truth: We are the future. The only way for us to assume to the reigns of power in a few years is for us to start assuming power today. As Yale students, we are part of an amazingly talented and diverse community, a conglomeration of minds only limited by our personal initiative and imagination. Because of Yale’s privileged place in the world, our on-campus influence can translate into national and, subsequently, global influence. We have the power to make an immediate and lasting difference.

"I'm too busy"
  • The truth: We have a lot on our plates. But imagine telling this to a Zambian mother wasting away at the grip of AIDS. Everyone’s commitment varies, but no one has a “no time” excuse. Everyone is capable of contributing to the eradication of this heinous plague. The more people who join the fight, the quicker we will win.

"I don't like being political"
  • The truth: AIDS doesn’t discriminate by political orientation, and neither does YAW. We need the effort of all students, liberal and conservative and libertarian and apolitical, to win the fight.

"AIDS can't be beaten"
  • The truth: If civil rights or women’s rights activists had said this, we would be living in a much different world. It will take time and effort, but we will prevail.