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Dear Friend,

Student AIDS Watch is student-led AIDS organization dedicated to raising awareness about the pandemic, and focused on engaging both the government and individuals in dialogue on AIDS.

We established the Student AIDS Watch (SAW) coalition in response to an often-lamented problem: while many devoted AIDS groups exist, many have different agendas, and remain unaware of the activities pursued by others. The SAW coalition is your networking tool, whose main purpose is to reach out to college activists from around the country and unite them under a single banner when important national issues need to be addressed. This creates an effective communication tool between groups, while simultaneously allowing member organizations to remain autonomous and practically independant. The cooperation of groups across the United States, Canada, and abroad continues to increase global communication among student groups committed to finding a solution to this devastating global problem, and the continued involvement of individuals and groups, both big and small, is key to achieving this goal.

Joining the AIDS coalition would require giving very little, but helps harden a network of communication so that member individuals and organizations can collaborate in a moment's notice, and engage similar groups in an important dialogue which has, until now, remained fragmented and unclear. For any Public Health, Human Rights, or AIDS organization involved, hundreds of students with a similar interest are a simple e-mail away.

Whether you’re a student interested in Public Health and development, or the leader of an organization in your college, we hope you’ll see SAW as an opportunity to make an ongoing difference in the fight ahead.


David Steinberg, Matthew Wilson