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AIDS' Effect on Africa's Population

It is estimated that two thirds of all reported cases of HIV/AIDS are in Sub-Saharan Africa; approximately 25.3 million people on the continent are living with HIV or AIDS. The disease continues to ravage the continent currently leading to more deaths than even malaria. According to AIDS and Africa.com the 21 countries with the highesty AIDS prevalence are in Africa with prevelance rates in adults sometimes exceeding 10%. There is no question of the severity of the situation, what remains is to effectively tackle the problem. It is believed that the wide gap in HIV infection rates and AIDS deaths between Africa and the rest of the world is likely to become even larger unless greater steps are taken to fight the spread of HIV/AIDS. As an organisation YAW is taking up the challenge in an effort to contribute to the struggle against this decimating disease.

Source: http://www.aidsandafrica.com/aids.html