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What can students do to make a difference?

First and foremost, it’s important to be informed about the extent of the epidemic and efforts to treat it. YAW maintains its own statistics page, but reliable information is easily accessible on the Web as well. Among others, the Physicians for Human Rights’ website (http://www.phrusa.org/students/hiv.html) provides a list of important facts to know, as well as ideas on student advocacy.

In addition to joining us at Yale AIDS Watch, of course, there are several productive ways for students to get involved in the fight. Writing letters, drafting petitions, or making phone calls that urge your Senators and Representatives to increase U.S. international AIDS funding has proven effective, and templates are even available online (http://www.phrusa.org/students/campus_action.html#3). Using the resources and connections provided by groups like YAW, students can also organize awareness-raising events on campus, including flyer distributions, guest speakers, or letter-writing campaigns. Finally, significant numbers of international organizations welcome student members, among them our own affiliates.