Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is eligible to join the Yale Toastmasters Club?
    • All members of the Yale community - Business People, Professionals, Mom's, Dads, Students are invited to join. The Yale Toastmasters Club also welcomes others for whom the meeting times or locations of other local Toastmasters clubs are not convenient.

  2. When can you join Yale Toastmasters?
    • Anytime during the year. Members work at their own pace and at different experience levels.

  3. What is the cost of membership?
    • The cost is $36 every 6 months - October and April. Of the $36 - $27 is sent to Toastmasters International and $9 is used by the club to pay for local expenses such as mailings, supplies, etc. Dues are pro-rated for members who join between October and April. There is also a one-time charge of $20. for new members to cover the cost of educational materials.

  4. Will Yale reimburse the cost?
    • Members are expected to pay dues directly to the club. A receipt will be provided which can be submitted to departments on an individual basis. (Reimbursement at discretion of department).

  5. What is included in my membership?
    • Members are free to participate in all activities of the Yale Toastmasters Club. Members also receive Toastmasters Magazine and various mailings from Toastmasters International, District 53, and the Yale Toastmasters Club.

  6. What is expected of me as a member?
    • Members of Toastmasters International and Yale Toastmasters Club promise . . .
      • To attend all Club meetings regularly;
      • To prepare all of my speeches to the best of my ability, basing them on projects in the Communication and Leadership Program manual or the Advanced Communication and Leadership Program manuals;
      • To prepare for and fulfill meeting assignments;
      • To provide fellow members with helpful, constructive evaluations;
      • To help the Club maintain the positive, friendly environment necessary for all members to learn and grow;
      • To serve my Club as an officer when called upon to do so;
      • To treat my fellow Club members and our guests with respect and courtesy;
      • To bring guests to Club meetings so they can see the benefits Toastmasters membership offers;
      • To adhere to the guidelines and rules for all Toastmasters educational and recognition programs;
      • To maintain honest and highly ethical standards during the conduct of all Toastmasters activities

  7. What is the time commitment?
    • Meetings are 1 hour per week. Members are expected to prepare their roles (which vary from week to week). Members work at their own pace.


Important News!

Yale Toastmasters meets at the Bass Library Room L01. This location offers more opportunity to utilize technology and facilitate our growing group.

Upcoming Events

Toastmasters Meeting this Friday, Bass Library